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Islamic extremism is. Moreover, in recent years he was very active. But this does not mean that extremism and Islam is the same

Islamic extremism is. Moreover, in recent years he was very active. But this does not mean that extremism and Islam is the same. Islamic extremism in all its forms - fundamentalist parties and organizations, pan-Islamic trends, the association "Muslim Brotherhood" and so on. N. Are only a part of Islam and not the most significant, even though we hear about them more often. In recent years, many reasons really sharply increased activity of Muslim extremist political movements, parties, organizations, many of which have come out with so-called fundamentalist positions.

That is advocated "a return to the fundamental norms of Islam," or, more simply, for the creation of the modern Islamic world such public-political system that, in their opinion, there was in the time of Prophet Muhammad and the first four "righteous caliphs." To do this, they say, all power in the Muslim world should be transferred to the most authoritative religious figures (mujtahids), which thanks to its deep knowledge of Islam and create a truly equitable socio-political education. Thus, according to some fundamentalist leaders, now the main thing - to take power (by any means) and transmits it to the religious leaders. In line with this religio-political doctrine holds its line of "exporting the Islamic revolution" the most radical wing of the current Iranian political leadership, whose activities for many years maintained a "hot" war between Iran and Iraq.

The same policy is shared by a number of extremist fundamentalist organizations operating in Lebanon, Kuwait, Bahrain and other countries in the Middle East. Fundamentalist slogans are covered and some so-called "irreconcilable" fighters "for the freedom of Afghanistan." It would be a mistake to equate Islamic extremism and Islam in general with all or at least with its Shiite. Despite the fact that today most probably part of the Shiites living in Iran and Iraq, Pakistan, Syria, Lebanon and many other Arab countries, the question of who they consider to be their spiritual leader, would answer - Ayatollah Khomeini! Khomeinism and Shiism - the phenomenon of a different order. Khomeinism - only part of Shiism, a significant part, influential, but that can hardly be regarded as the quintessence of it. It is no accident that Iraqi Shiites (almost two thirds of the Iraqi population) did not support their co-religionists - Iranian Shiites during the bloody Iran-Iraq war. That is why it is important in the development of its relationship to contemporary Islam differentiated approach to its various currents, without succumbing to the first impulse, reaction to an event that for some reason we do not like. How should we relate to Islam? The answer can be only one - with respect, because it is not only a religion, but a way of life and our neighbor, moreover, our close relative.

Indeed, much of our vast territory inhabited by Muslims. Islam for Muslims is not just a sign of national identity, but also a significant part of their national culture, and culture (by definition) can not be good or bad, it can be high or low (relatively), and its level is determined not only and not so much achievements in the field of scientific and technological progress as humanitarian gains, depth and height of the historical roots of the tree, and here that the Muslim world has achieved a lot. His contribution to world culture is very, very significant. On the horizon of world culture as the stars of the first magnitude, shining names brought up within the system's greatest thinkers such as Ibn Sina (Avicenna), Ulugbek, Biruni, Nizami, Omar Khayyam, Rudaki, Navoi, Al-Afghani, and many others. The lives of most of these thinkers, poets, scientists inseparably linked with the cultural and historical development of the Soviet Central Asian republics, it is also the foundation and the general Muslim political history and culture.

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