Canada in 2060

What will it be like?


This report will purpose my theories on what Canada will look like in 2060. I will be covering topics from population to economy to general appearance of Canada's future.

Death rate

In 2060, I believe that the Canadian death rate will be right in between being increased and decreased based on multiple factors. One of which is that 2060 is around the time that the late baby boomers will start passing away as the latest year for baby boomers is 1964 so 2060-1964=96. 96 being the time that people start passing away. But this wont change too much into the death rate as I believe that the others that are getting ill or have been troubled by a life shortening event like accidents, inflected harm, self harm ETC will be treated a lot better as we would have years before, due to our universal health care and the expected increase of medicine, treatments and cures for life threatening incidents.

Birth rate

Canada's birth rate in 2060 will increase in my opinion. I believe that it will increase due to the many people that have increased the population years ago will want kids and then their kids will want kids so naturally, the population will increase. Another factor that supports this is that during this year (2016) Canada has been receiving many immigrants from Syria which I believe will increase the birth rate as they will want to have families here in Canada. And our population is increasing right now pretty fast so it could only mean that it will also in the future especially over a long period of time.

Natural increase

So combining all the topics I have have covered so far makes the natural increase. So putting my two topics, I believe that the natural increase will be higher as the death rate will be a little sluggish and the birth rate is increasing .

Immigration: Canadas specialty

Canada is well known for its immigration policies. So that could only mean that it will get better in the future because of our already growing workforce, our growing cities, our diverse cultures and our famous universal health care! Take Syria for example. They are being forced out of their own country because of war and because it is a horrible place to raise a family, so Canada naturally decided to bring the refugees over to Canada. In the end, Canada has a good immigration policy now so that could only mean more immigrants moving to Canada.
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Canadian immigrant place of birth 1970-2016

The immigrants of Canada now are mostly made up of those that come from:


-South East Asia

-The Middle east

-The Caribbean


These past Canadian immigrants make up about 28% of Ontario's population and 27% of British Columbia and is not expected to decrease anytime soon!

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What Canada will look like in 2063

"What Canada Will Look Like In 2063"

This video helps support my view as it talks about the increase of birth rate and the people living in Canada in general. It also talked about how there will be more elders living in Canada which I had expressed in my audio clip.


So overall, I believe that Canada will have more births, more of an equal death rate and that there will be a lot more immigration happening! I cant wait for 2060!




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