School Library Media Center

September 2015

Welcome Back!

Library Media Schedule

To accommodate all classes in the library schedule, a two week rotation was adopted by the school district. Since it is a two week rotation, students accompanied by their teacher, visit the library every other week for book borrowing. Having a two week schedule also opened periods during the school day, freeing me up to help students with research. I encourage the classroom teachers to use the library when doing research and projects. Please notify me in advance, so we can collaborate and discuss how I may best assist you. Some topics for collaboration are:

  • Learning how to login into echalk
  • Sending an email in echalk
  • Attaching a file to an email
  • Submitting homework to your echalk dropbox
  • Powerpoint
  • Google Slides
  • Microsoft Word
  • Google Docs
  • Sum Dog
  • Library Databases (Pebble Go, Culture Grams, & Proquest)
  • Finding age appropriate websites in the Internet through Destiny

If you have any questions please email.

Mr. Freund

September's Schedule

  • Week of the 14th-Rotation 1
  • Week of the 21st-Rotation 2
  • Week of the 28th-Rotation 1


Are you looking for materials to support the curriculum? Here is an interesting article published by the New York Times in early September that discusses where to find quality lessons that support the common core. The great thing about these sites is that if you have developed lessons along with materials and are willing to share them, you can also make a little money on the side. Here is a link from a previous Uptown teacher to a few lessons that he has published on the Internet. See below for several sites you may find helpful.