Learn from your mistakes

hurricane mishaps

Blast from the past

in 2005 there was a hurricane that devastated the gulf coast it's name was Katrina. I experienced the storm first hand in Mississippi. i lost every thing except what i could dug out of the mud. I think that disasters like this should not have as many deaths. Property damage is in invertible but you can repair a lost life.

The Eye of the Storm

Hurricane Katrina was a massive storm with winds ranging up to 160 miles per hour and with over 6-10 inches of rain in the areas surrounding the mass of where the storm touched down.

Abandon All Ships!

Hurricane Katrina was a category 5 hurricane on of the worst to hit America. People knew the seriousness of this storm and continued to ride out the storm and many people lost there lives doing so. it is so simple to want in to town and go to the shelter with the rest of the city and i could save your life.