Seven Days to Success Challenge


Good Afternoon!

Hope you're all doing well and are seeing some Dot Dollars orders trickle in! We will be following up with all Dot Dollars recipients who have not claimed their rewards early next week, but for today we are focusing on BOOKING!

Remember - this seven day POA is a way to jump start your business this year - AND EVERYONE who does ALL SEVEN tasks by next Thursday, 1/9, will get a pack of Look Books from me to you! GO FOR IT! Keep me posted on your progress. If you haven't started yet, that's okay! Take some time over the weekend to tackle the tasks!

A bit of advice before we dig into today's challenge...

In light of all the excitement about the new line, I have to share something I've learned in my past 3 years as a "Business Builder" Stylist: If you don't have at least 4 in-home trunk shows coming up, focus your energy on booking FIRST instead of focusing on what new line pieces to sample (which is way more fun, I know!).

It's so smart that Home Office is encouraging us to have 4 trunk shows on our schedules this month, as it will help us to earn the incentive they're going to announce soon AND earn back our new line sample investment. In previous years, I remember I would put a lot of time and money into new pieces (even when I had a decent amount of product credits) because of all the HYPE about a new collection. However, when I didn't have at least 4 in-home Trunk Shows lined up in the next 4 weeks for people to shop the new line, I realized it took me a long time to earn back my new line sample investment funds. In other words, it doesn't make sense to buy a lot of new samples if hardly anyone is going to see them!

So, as you sample, think hard about return on investment and do the math. Ask yourself, "Given my Trunk Show average of $___, how much in Trunk Show sales will I need to make this new sample investment worth my while?"

Also, I've learned that even when I buy a lot of new line samples, it's often our tried-and-true favorites like the Zoe Lariat, Luna Wrap Bracelet, Deco Stackable Rings, etc. that still make up the majority of the sales! You do not need a ton of new line pieces to sell strong and succeed-- Trunk Shows are always the answer for that.

Today's Focus - BOOKING

Book strong and sample smart! Who needs some shows on the books? I know I do.
You can choose to do today's challenge via snail mail or email - your choice! If you ordered the super cute postcards from the Stella & Dot Print Shop (mine should be here today), definitely opt for snail mail! The advantage of sending something in the mail is big - it means a lot more and puts something concrete in your customer's hand. However - if time is an issue, you can opt for email/FB instead.

Step One:
Create a list of ten potential Hostesses. These can be ladies you briefly connected with in the past about hosting, Hostesses that cancelled last year and never rescheduled, customers from Nov/Dec, friends that are out of town and you'd like to make the trip to see, etc. etc. But make sure you get AT LEAST 10! For every 10 you ask, you can usually expect one yes!

Step Two:

Here's where your options come in:

A - Snail Mail: Use Stella&Dot notecards or print out the PDF of the January Hostess special, attach it to a Fall Book if you have extras, and get them in the mail with a short and sweet post-it note. Something like this: "Hey Jen! Would love to bring the jewels to you! I'll be in touch on Monday!"


B - Email: Shoot a quick email to these ten ladies - here's a great sample:
"HI ______, I hope you had a great Christmas! Can't believe it is January already..crazy!

I loved meeting you at Jess's show last month! Hope you love your Gitane Tassel necklace and are getting a ton of wear out of it. We chatted briefly about a possible trunk show and I wanted to touch base and share with you some specials that we have this month! All January stylists get an additional $50 in rewards. This is on top of the free credit you get from your show. Most of my hostesses receive around $250 free when they have about 10 ladies (online orders count too!)

Hosting is super easy! Just a few snacks and we try on the jewels.
Would love for you to be one of my DEBUT Spring hostesses this month...loved your enthusiasm and you were so so sweet I think it would be fun!

I'll touch base on Monday to see what you think!

A booking bonus!

If you book and hold 2 QUALIFIED trunk shows by the end of January, I will treat you to a AMELIE BRACELET from the new Spring Collection - you choose which colour way that you would prefer (silver, peach or gold). Keep in mind, that both Danielle and Jessica have alluded to there being something special for holding 4 shows in January, so consider this a stepping stone...don't stop there if you really want to do more!

Here's how our POA will work - a little recap:

Each day I'm going to post a task (via email) for all of us to complete. They may be short, they may be long, or they may be in between - but each will contain some task you can complete to move your business forward. When you've completed the task, send me an email stating that you've done so. EVERYONE who completes all seven will be rewarded for participating with a pack of Look Books! You don't have to do one a day...if you'd prefer, you can wait a few days and then complete all those you missed. The important part is that you're DOING the tasks - not necessarily WHEN you do them!

Send me an email when you're done or post on our NEW facebook page. Ready, set, go! xo Hailey