Oregon Trail

Traveling The Trail

Dangers on the trail

  • Food was very hard to find on the trail to Oregon and if you ran out, you would have to get some from your wagon train
  • Indians sometimes attacked your wagon train and you would probably get injured or you might lose some of your loot
  • Diseases were common! Some had Malaria and some had other diseases.

The Oregon trail was a long trail

  • It was 2,000 miles long, that long to a pioneer was back braking because they did not have cars.

  • Between 1841 to 1860 over 300,000 people used the trail, imagine how many items they had to use to get there.
  • On the trip about 10,000 people died on the trail to Oregon from accidents or by getting attacked on the trail by Indians.

Pioneers had to bring a lot of food to survive

  • Pioneers had to bring as many items and food into the wagon to survive
  • Pioneers also took along farm tools for when they get to Oregon
  • They took a rifle or pistol if they come across an Indian and for hunting