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Several Dead, More Injured!

By Iowna Fortune

Verona, Italy--February 12, the Montagues, and the Capulets were at it again in the market square! It all started when one of the Montague’s servants bit his thumb at one of the Capulet’s servants. Then one of the Montague’s servants tripped an elderly gentlemen, forcing him to go to a local hospital, and later dying of injures. “It just turned into pandemonium,” a local flower vender said, “I thought I might not make it!” Eventually the Prince, and his men came to calm the locals down. “If you ever disturb our streets again, your lives shall pay the forfeit of peace,” threatened the Prince. At this time we cannot release who was injured during the riots. If you see the families disturbing the peace, please report to one of the Prince’s men.

Two Men Slain!

By Iowna Fortune

Verona, Italy -- February 19 , two men, Tybalt of the Capulets, and Mercutio of the Montagues were both killed in a fight turned wrong. Eye witnesses claim Mercutio dived into the water trough upon Tybalt's arrival. Some words were exchanged, and before your eyes the two drew swords. "I thought he was kidding, honest," exclaimed Bob Oxford, an eye witness to the deaths. "He was very dramatic, and stumbling about. He had a rag over the wound, so no one knew he was dying," said Mary Sumpton. Tybalt of the Capulets, the other victim/ murderer, was slain by Romeo of the Montagues to avenge his cousin, Mercutio. But now Romeo is Banished! If he is seen within city limits alert a Kingsman, and please detain him! Or report the sighting at

A Montague Is Banished!

By Iowna Fortune

Verona, Italy-- February 20, Following February 19th's events the murderer, Romeo Montague who murdered Tybalt Capulet, is now BANISHED! Yes you read right, banished! He can no longer enter the town of Verona. To hear your reactions we took to the streets. "I think the king acted hastily, I mean he avenged his cousin's death. Can you blame him," said Dan Dandamatriceman. "I think it was fair, do we really nedd a killer on our streets," said Mary Xmas. We want to hear your reactions log onto our website, and take the poll.

Juliet Capulet Suicide

By Bob Bertman

Verona, Italy-- The young Juliet committed suicide February 19th evening. She was to marry Paris later that week. Many people refuse to believe that she committed suicide, but the evidence proves wrong. "It is clear she killed herself, there is no evidence that proves other wise," exclaimed Officer Kurt. Her funeral was the following morning.

Double Murder, Sucide?

By Iowna Fortune

Verona, Italy-- February 23, That night's events are horrendous, Romeo Montague, the supposed murderer, was found with two freshly dead bodies. Paris, one of the dead bodies, had many stab wounds. Juliet, Romeos child-bride, was found wit a dagger in her stomach. We sadly do not know who the murder is because the only witness, Friar Lawrence is no where to be found. We do not have much evidence at this time. Log onto our website to keep up on the story.


Jim Goodman

Jim Goodman, age 74, passed away February 12 during the events in the town square. Jim had his funeral the following day, at St. Peter's Catholic Church. Jim is leaving behind his wife, Sarah, six children, twelve grandchildren, and four great-grandchildren. Jim enjoyed reading, and gardened lush tomatoes, and various fruit trees. He loved to play with his grandchildren, and great-grandchildren. He will re-unite with his parents, and late sister.

Mercutio Montague

Mercutio Montague, age 22, was slain in Verona, Italy February 19 after a dispute. Mercutio was a nice, and gentle soul that was known as a hot head. He will leave behind his girlfriend whom has asked to be anonymous, his parents, and various friends, and family. He will re-unite with his late grandparents, and various friends, and family. He was shown at home the following Monday, but no funereal was conducted.

Tybalt Capulet

Tybalt Capulet, age 24, was slain in Verona, Italy after February 19th's events. Tybalt was an athletic individual, and loved to go fishing with his friends. He will leave behind his parents, younger brother Nybalt, various friends, and family. He will re-unite with his girlfriend Bon Qui Qui, and various friends, and family. He was shown at home, and had his service the following Monday at St. Peter's Catholic Church.

Juliet (Capulet) Montague

Juliet (Capulet) Montague, age 14, died, in Verona, Italy after February 23rd's events in the catacombs. Juliet fell victim to the Montague, and Capulet family's hatred towards each other. We now know she was married to Romeo Montague. Juliet enjoyed reading, and loved to bake. Juliet will leave behind her parents, her nurse, and her Grandmother Capulet. She will re-unite with her husband Romeo, her Grandfather, and cousin Tybalt Capulet. Her duel service with Romeo was conducted February 25th, she had no showing conducted.

Romeo Montague

Romeo Montague, age 20, Verona, Italy, was believed to commit suicide, after murdering two people February 23. Romeo Montague was yet another victim of the Montague, and Capulet hatred, and sometimes war. Romeo was a vigorous soul, and loved to go out with his friends, and family. He also loved to swim with his friends. He will leave behind his parents, June (his Aunt), and various friends, and families. He will re-unite with his wife, Juliet, his grandparents, and cousin Mercutio. His duel funeral was February 25th, and there was no showing


Paris, age 24, was murdered in the catacombs February 23 by the hands of Romeo Montague. Paris loved sports, and enjoyed hunting, and fishing. He also loved to spend time with his family. Paris will leave behind his mother, father, the Prince (his uncle), various friends, and family. He will re-unite with his grandparents, and his great uncle Jim Bob. His funeral will be March 11th, at St. Joseph's Catholic Church. He has two showings March 9th, and 10th at home.

Genevieve Hiller

Genevieve Hiller, age 76, lost her battle with cancer February 25 at St. John's Hospital. Genevieve was diagnosed with stage three intestine cancer July 25, 2010. Genevieve was a retired fourth grade teacher, and volunteered her services to St. Peter's Catholic Church as a CCD Teacher on Saturdays. She also loved to bake, and garden with her grandchildren. She will leave behind her three sons, five grandchildren, two great-grandchildren, and husband of sixty years, Nate. No Date has been chosen for service or showing at this time.

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The Value of Counting to 10 or 100 Before You React

By Clyde Bonnie

You shouldn't make rash decisions. The classic scenario being a teenage friend asks if you wanting an alcoholic beverage, and you gladly except without thinking it over. There is another problem though: your father catches you, and as for your "friend" yeah he rats you out too. If you would have thought this through you might have realized this is a bad idea. This relates to the actions of Romeo, and Juliet. If they would have thought this trough they would have realized their plan was horrible conceived. Maybe if they would have thought it through this would have been a "Happily ever after" type story.

Juliet's Actions: Not the smartest

By Clyde Bonnie

The actions of Juliet Capulet were just plain stupid. I mean who goes off, and marries a complete stranger? And then she kills herself because Romeo her "true love" kills himself. News flash you were only 14, you had a whole life to make mistakes with, but you killed yourself after one. Romeo was no better, marrying someone six years younger than you. What was the point of marrying someone so much older than you?

Wisely And Slowly

By Eur Hardly Aman

When people move too fast in making decisions, they usually end in regret. Like when you hear about these celebrities that get married after only a month long engagement, then the following month you see in the supermarket's check out lane "Jim, and Carrie are getting a divorce after only a month of marriage!" Or you decide to have Thanks Giving dinner... the day before. My point: don't jump the gun when making decisions.

"Wisely and slow. They stumble that run fast"

Who Is At Fault?

Verona, Italy-- The whole craziness over the wedding of Romeo and Juliet Montague is not to be blamed on one person, our sources have gathered people who were involved in the whole fiasco. If Romeo would not have crashed Lord Capulet's party maybe he, and Juliet would not have met. Then again if Juliet would have turned him down she would still be alive. But if Friar Lawrence would not have married them, and told their parents they would have saw how asinine this whole thing is. Or if the nurse would have turned them in. They're are many speculations regarding this subject that it is hard to just pick one. Log onto to voice your opinion.

What's Happening in Verona?

Capulet's Party Was A Smashing Hit!

Verona Italy--Lord Capulet held a masquerade ball in honor of daughter Juliet’s marriage age. Many townsfolk came to celebrate with Juliet. With a guest book boosting over 100! “It was a grand ball,” reported Mary Goode, “We danced, drank, and had a good time all together!” Though Montagues were forbidden from entering the premises, one found his way into the party, Romeo Montague that is. Tybalt Capulet tried to have him thrown of the property, but Lord Capulet just let it go so he could keep the party going. How is it that a Montague and, a Capulet not go at each other when they were in the same room? Reports say that Juliet was seen with Romeo. Could this be the end of the age old feud, or could it just be more wood on the fire? Stay tuned!

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