Wilson Ram Record

Wilson Middle School - Cedar Rapids, IA


The teachers and support staff at Wilson would like to wish you all a very Happy Thanksgiving, and hope that it is a time of rest, relaxation, and connection with those you love most!!!!

21st Century Skills Reporting

Knowing where you are and where you want to go is a key part of growth and improvement. Our school regularly uses data to tell us how our students are progressing and to adjust instruction for better results. In addition to reporting academic grades, teachers will also be reporting out on 21st Century Skills this year. Simply put, 21st Century Skills encompass those pieces of student performance that are going to show up all throughout life – in relationships, the workforce, and everywhere else. For any family having had child in a Cedar Rapids Community Schools elementary building, these same skills are reported out as PARRT skills on the elementary report card. Rooted in the Iowa Core, Wilson teachers will routinely report out one overall 21st Century Skill comprised of the following areas:


  • Promptness to class

  • Materials are ready in every class

  • Assigned work is completed on time and with maximum effort


  • Learning Behaviors

  • Collaboration

  • Communication


  • Citizenship

  • Cooperation

  • Respect

  • Ethical Behavior

The scale for reporting will be as such:

  • Exemplary

  • Proficient

  • Developing

  • Insufficient

  • No Evidence

Teachers will be teaching and re-teaching all students what these areas are throughout the year, and what the skills look like at every performance level. Three times a quarter, teachers will report in PowerSchool your child’s progress on 21st Century Skills.

Some key points to understand:

  • 21st Century Skills reports are COMPLETELY SEPARATE from academic grades – they neither raise nor lower an academic grade

  • 21st Century Skills reports are intended to provide talking points about overall student success in classrooms across the building

We are excited to open up the dialogue about your child's success at school even further with this 21st Century Skill report. Feel free to contact Wilson administration with any questions!

Cold Weather Policy

We are certainly enjoying a mild November - no complaints here!! However, we do know that the cold weather will eventually arrive, and we want to ensure that parents and students are prepared before and after school.

Our usual before school procedure is that students not eating breakfast wait on the east side of the building under supervision by Wilson teaching staff. When the weather is rainy, or temperatures drop below 30 degrees, all students are brought in to wait in the auditorium for school to start. Wind chills are factored into the decision to wait inside; it isn't an exact science, and there are times when students are expected to wait outside cool or chilly weather. We respectfully request that students come dressed to wait outside, especially now that temps are cooler in the morning.

After school students not under the direct supervision of a teacher or other staff are expected to either board the bus, walk home, or have ride in transit to pick them up. We do not have staff to supervise students all afternoon and evening. There are also outside groups who pay rental fees to use our building in the evening, and we must honor their contract by providing our facilities to them free of distraction.

We thank all families for their cooperation!!!

Girl's Basketball and Boy's Swimming Starting Soon

Practice for 7th and 8th grade girl's basketball and 7th and 8th grade boy's swimming both are eligible to begin on December 5th. All physical and concussion forms need to be on file before a student is allowed to participate.

For swimming, student-athletes are bussed to Jefferson for practice and need to be picked up from Jefferson. The swim team leaves at 2:30pm Monday thru Thursday for practices.

Students interested in these activities should see contact the following teachers at Wilson:

7th girl's basketball: Mr. Ash

8th girl's basketball: Mrs. Burke

7th and 8th swimming: Ms. Robinson

Activity Attendance Expectations

We have had some great student support at our home events this year!!! The students in attendance have displayed great sportsmanship and have cheered our student athletes on to some great victories. The Rams thank you for this!!

Other things that make after school activities run smoothly are:

- students staying in the auditorium during the contests

- students moving about respectfully, remembering parents/grandparents are also in attendance

- cheering when appropriate, supporting out players respectfully

Attending activities is, of course, a privilege. Dependable behavior during the school day ensures a student the chance to participate as a fan after school. Unfortunately, unwanted behaviors during school could affect the ability to partake in the privilege after school. Let's keep it positive ALL DAY LONG so we can all cheer the Rams to victory!!!

After School Instrument Practice Club

A new opportunity will begin for instrumental music students (orchestra and band) who are looking for a place to practice. Ms. Dunn, our orchestra director, will be hosting a Practice Club on Tuesday's and Thursday's starting Nov. 29th. The time will be 3-4:30. This is for students who want to practice but can't get their instrument home or are otherwise not able to practice at home. This is also a chance for students to collaborate with other students, in addition to being additional practice time for students participating in honor ensembles. Ms. Dunn will help you hone your skills and give you a positive place to work on your playing skills. See Ms. Dunn for more information.

Holiday Assistance

November and December are times to come together as family and community; this can often become a financial burden for some families. Wilson would like to help in any way we can. Please contact the Wilson Counseling Office at (319) 558-2229 and our staff will work to find you some assistance during this holiday season.