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What one charm is the most special to you?

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Good morning ladies and gents,

Yesterday in the newsletter I added another Hidden Email Request. If you read through the newsletter carefully, you saw that I asked for you to send me your favorite charm and why. We had amazing and heartfelt responses. Not only are we making a difference in our customers' lives, but our own as well.

Read on to see some of my favorite replies! (They are published without names because many are very personal, but so touching!)

The one charm that means something to me is the lady bug. We lost a baby at 23 weeks and the Lady bug reminds our family if her.

Favorite charm is silver infinity because it represents the love I have for my kiddos.

The wedding ring means a lot to me bc I married my best friend in Sept 2012. It's a symbol of our love for each other and the charm is another way of showing the significant meaning!

The charm that means the most to me is the LOVE charm. (Currently retired.. But any love charms).. Because without love, where would I be? Love is what makes the world go round- and what keeps my family whole.

My favorite is the house charm because I think it's just SOOOOO ADORABLE. I don't even own a house but I still love it.

Wedding Ring - I'm still a newlywed!

I love the heart shaped charm that says aunt because I just became an aunt almost 3 months ago! I have the most adorable niece ever.

November little boy. Because my little boy is born is November and he's my whole world.

The charm I love that means something to me is the black ribbon charm. According to the Origami Owl website it is for melanoma (skin cancer), I never knew until Origami Owl that there was even a tribute ribbon for melanoma. It means a lot to me because I am now 10 years cancer free and having that little charm in my locket is a reminder every day to check my skin and encourage others to do the same!

The Star charm goes in all of my lockets to represent my son who is the light of my universe.

The charm that means something to me is the pink pumpkin. I am so happy it is the color it is instead of the orange. The pink gives it a cute touch. My grandma had breast cancer and all of us in the family wear it in our locket in hopes it does not come back and she has to go through all of that again.

I love the little pearls. They remind me so much of my Grandma. They are her favorite

I love the silver and black cat paw! I have had my cat since I first moved away from home and he always cheers me up when I am lonely or sad! I also love my MOM charm as I just recently became a mother to a beautiful baby boy! :) glad to be a part of this wonderful business!

The horse shoe. My dad passed away 21 years ago and loved taking me to the horse races.

The charm that means the most to me is the mom one- my daughter is my inspiration, everything I do, I do for her to have a happy life.

The Eiffel tower charm means something to me because my goal for origami owl is to earn enough money to take a trip there!

My Jesus fish means the most to me because I love the story of how Christians used to identify each other

The infinity charm is the charm that has the most meaning to me. My girls and I all have this charm in our Lockets to remind us that our love for each other is never ending. We will never be alone and will always have someone who loves us.

Winner Winner Pumpkin Charm!

An added bonus to our response portion was the first 5 to respond would receive a charm in the mail from me! Who were our winners?!

#1: Rachel Medeiros

#2: Kandice Escamilla

#3: Alison Hakseth

#4: Shawnna Cicero

#5: Jessica Douglas

These ladies were fast on their reply! The first five winners replied within 7 minutes! Whew!!

Thank you for all the amazing responses! I love receiving these emails and getting to know you more! And, we trended again on our flier. We had the top ten most views in the first hour! This is a true testiment that we are working our business and staying on top of all the communication! I am beyond proud of you!

Love, Lindsey