Prisoners' Life

Night- Prisoners' Life

A lot of lives were changed during the holocaust and a lot of people were changed in the camps. During people's life in the camp a lot of people changed. Some stopped believing in their faith, and some even craved power so badly that they would hurt their own family an friends just to keep or obtain the power. Some families would work together, and some would turn against their family member if they had no way of helping them. Some people wold try to help each other out, and some would just be selfish and would find any way they could to help their self. Most people were not even them self when they were in the camp.

The 3 themes that I learned were:

  1. Hold on to your faith because that is one thing that one can always hold on to.
  2. learn to appreciate your family. One never knows when their family will be taken from them.
  3. Have hope. Hope can drive one to stay strong.

This novel reminds me about me weakness, my courage and my faith. In the camp I would be nearly powerless. I know that in the camp I would need courage and my faith because that is what they cant't take from me. I also know that I would have my weaknesses, but I believe that faith the size of a mustard seed can move mountains.