floor scrubber for sale

Equipment is refurbished to original

A Wide Selection of Used Floor Maintenance Equipment

Dealerships and websites that feature new commercial and industrial equipment will usually have a few used models available. These are ideal for businesses with high standards and tight budgets. Finding what is desired is based on timing and not very reliable. The company may or may not have the right sizes of used floor scrubbers when the current one needs to be replaced.

Get the Desired Machinery

Rather than making do with machinery that is less than perfect for the setting, browse a website that specializes in refurbished floor scrubbers and other floor maintenance equipment. Models include walk behind, ride on, and automated used floor scrubbers in sizes from twenty inches to thirty-two inches in diameter. All equipment goes through a rigorous process of testing, repairs, inspections, and detailing before offered to business owners.

Details of the Process

Equipment is refurbished to original factory specifications with original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts and new batteries. Two technicians work on machines to ensure all systems and components are checked and nothing is missed. Machinery is completely taken apart and tested several times throughout the process. Warranties are offered on all equipment, as are deals on extra replacement parts.

Better than New

Sometimes a used floor scrubber for sale is better for a business than the purchase of a new one. The pricing is considerably lower than new which fits into small business budgets. In-house financing is available via a fast and easy application online.

Payments are completely tax deductible which saves money over a new purchase. Payments on used equipment is considered an operating expense. New purchases are considered an asset and are subject to taxes. The business acquires what is needed without paying more taxes.

Benefits of Equipment

Manual floor cleaning by a maintenance crew is slow, arduous, and inconsistent. One employee may do an excellent job on the floors while some may quickly run a mop over them. People may not sweep before mopping (that really does happen), or they may use too much cleaner leaving residue on the floors. That produces a dull look and can be a liability risk if the floor is slippery.

Equipment is faster, consistent, and saves both water and cleaning products. The increase in productivity allows more time for sprucing up entrances to make a professional and pleasant first impression when visitors, guests, customers, or clients arrive in the morning. Explore the options available and find what is needed and desired at low pricing.