The Oregon Trail

A Journal by Martha Stewart: a minister from Maryland

My family

I am a minister named Martha Stewat and I am traveling on the Oregon trail with my family. We are from the beautiful state of Maryland. I am traveling with my wife, Mary; my son of 16 years, Patrick; my daughter of 13 years, Emma; and my twin sons of 8 years, Steve and stew. And finally, my elderly mother of 79 years, Gurtude. I Am hoping to spread religion on the Oregon trail. We have $300 dollars to spend. Native americans consider me holy and give me 5 bwus of dried beef every time I encounter one.
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Entry #1

My family and our wagon train have started off on our journey. We then come across the Missouri river and have to cross. Our wagon leader has found a safe spot to cross but a Native american also has a boat and charges $25 To cross. My family decides to be safe and pays, we now have $275. The people who didn't pay also make it so that was a waste of money, but he gave me 5 bwus of dried beef. Then we have our first obstacle, Everyone in our wagon needs 2 barrels of water, or we are delayer because it will take time to collect. Our wagon trail was fing and even earned 1600 speed points. We reached a feild and stopped to hunt. I used one of my traps but didn't catch anything. A native american asked us to gamble. Our wagon train leader wins $25 for each wagon and the Native american gives me 5 bwus of beef. Later we fing not everyone has firewood and we lose 800 speed points. After this day, we have 800 speed points.

Entry #2

A wagon fell on a family member of a wagon train member. It was broken. We gamble with another native american and win again. We win 5 boxes of amo and 5 blankets each, and I also receive my 5 bwus of dried beef. we come across the river again and I pay $45. We are safe. If you didn't pay, you lost 100 bwus in the river. We stop to hunt. I use 1 box of amo and kill 10 pounds of rabbit. If a wagon didn't have a rifle, we received negative sped points. We had the same amount of wagons with and without a rifle, so our speed points stated the same. We came to a fork in the trail and our wagon decides to take the native american burial ground trail. There is no penalty and we have positive speed points.

Entry #3

A native american demands us to turn back and we do. Then we get lost and receive a negative 1000 speed points but we are safe. We huntand I use 1 box of amo and kill 15 pounds of wild turkey. There is bad drinking water so we boil it on our cooking stove to clean it ans earn 250 speed points. We come across the Shiane river and pay $50 to cross. My family crosses safe. We are chased by a native american and baker and I are shot in the arm by and arrow so now I can't use it. But, he still gave me 5 bwus of dried beef. We arived at Fort Choice and the trail devides into three trails. Our wagon trail chooses the Salt Flat Trail. At the end we have 600 speed points and have no penalty.

Entry #4

Someone in our wagon train falls on a cactus and has to stand the rest of the day but it was no penalty for us but I have to write a paragraph on collera. we get 1500 delay points for picking a bad trail with no water and have to turn back. We then choose Mascure Trail. We are atacked by a band of native americans and 300 bwus of supplies fall out of each wagon. But I still receive 5 bwus of dried beef. Our horses are hungry, and everyone has animal feed so there is no penalty. We are now almost through the Haiti desert. The bad conditions kill five of my dear faimly members. Rest in peace my dear Mary, Gurtude,Patrick, Steve, and Stew. As we ride away From their graves, Emma and I weep in eachothers arms, we will never forget them. We decide to risk it and head directly up the snowy mountain. we take some things out of the wagon so we are down to 500 bwus to make it an easier climb up. It is geting reelly cold an hurd to right….we ran ot od food an im so hunry……..its cold…………………..