Cultural geography unit 1

Nolan Haggart Colgate toothpaste

Colgate toothpaste is a world wide company by sharing Ideas and technology around the world.

Explaining the map

Colgate ships things overseas and all around the world. They use lots of ingredients in their product and those come all over the world and are shipped out of southern India. From there they are shipped to Florida and package and distributed.
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Unit one six word claim.

Globalization is why people live there.
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Unit one

Unit one is about how people have evolved into new technologies and new forms of transportation to allow us to trade and colonize new place. Globalization is all about culture, environment, technology, and economy.

Problems with this product.

1. Shipping the products over seas causes a lot of pollution and burns a lot of fuel

2. Leaves lots of waste around the world.

3. People in other countries will have much unsafer working conditions so it will cost less.

4. This product gives very little money to the people who make it.

Solutions to the problems

1. We could use more fuel efficient boats or planes so there is less pollution.

2. We could use recyclable packaging so there is less waste.

3. We could give the people who work with us american benefits so their economy strengthens and they would be safer.

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How geography and globalization will change my daily patterns in 15 years.

In the future there could be both good and bad outcomes of rapidly increasing globalization, like if it continues then in the future i could not have a job because of the cheep labor in other countries. If we don't give the people in other countries better benefits then they could keep a bad economy and lose kids to factory accidents. So when homeless people don't have jobs because of this then money that i would make would lead to tax increases and my money would have to be paid for people who lost their jobs health care. For children there entire learning experience could be entirely different with the advancing technology. They won't have libraries or magazines because of the technology.

Pros and cons

The pros of globalization is that people learn new cultures and new technologies are created everyday. There are new forms of transportation because of globalization. People in other countries have jobs and a better economy because of globalization. Although people have better economies that is also a con because now we are losing jobs in our country because of cheep labor. That is also a con there because it is unsafe working conditions for young children and others.