Brianna Larson

Someone I Admire

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One reason I admire Brianna is that she has a great personality.

An example is shes super goofy and I ALWAYS have fun with her!

Another reason why I admire Brianna Is that she is very smart and athletic.

An example is she graduated with a 4.1 GPA while being in swimming and gymnastics. She is in college to study to become a nurse. This is a picture of Brianna receiving her letter for swimming at their winter banquet.
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Finally, I admire Brianna because she seems to have her whole life planned out and always seems to make the right decisions.

An example is she has a strong faith in God, she volunteered at a nursing home, also volunteering at a middle school with children in need of assistance for homework. She helps my grandma & grandpa on their dairy farm. She has a great relationship with her parents and boyfriend Ryan. She worked in high school as a lifeguard all year round. Also a swim team manager for their boys swim team & taught swimming lessons for pre-k- 6th graders.

In conclusion, Brianna Larson (my cousin) is a person to admire.

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