Anchorage Expedition

Fabulous temperate continental subarctic climate!

Temperatures range from 5-30 degrees Fahrenheit!

Beautiful snowcapped mountains, great for skiing! Make sure to wear warm clothing. Wear a warm jacket, ski goggles, thick socks, snow boots, snow pants, gloves, and a hat. There is also excellent fishing in Anchorage!


From grizzly bears, polar bears, moose, dall sheep, mountain goats and many more, Anchorage will blow you away with its magnificent wildlife.

Anchorage Climate

Anchorage does not get nearly as much rain as the southeast of Alaska. It does get more snow, although days tend to be clearer there. It is a subarctic climate due to its short, cool summers. There are frequent, strong southeast winds known as the Knik wind in the vicinity of Palmer, especially in the winter months.

What is Temperature Continental Climate?

Temperate continental climates are found on continents in the Northern Hemisphere. Climates in these areas are controlled by the fact that they are not located near oceans where temperatures are moderate. Temperate continental climates are also called micro-thermal climates and because they are located away from the oceans. The micro-climates are great climates to engage in. Summers are warm and can be very humid while winters are cold with snowstorms and blustery winds.

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