Autism and Family

Marisa Lucky, Hannah Christopher, Isabella Peters

Autism and Family

Autism can effect family's in many different ways

Family's feelings

  • Parents often feel embarrassed, depressed, sad, angry, lonely, shocked and overwhelmed
  • Parents also may feel resentment toward other parents with typical children
  • Brothers and sisters may often feel embarrassed by there sibling that has autism
  • Autism can bring a family bond closer

How it effects children, teens and adults

  • Teens have problems making friends and learning
  • Some parents are to busy meeting there child's needs, They have no time to relax
  • Autism can change the way parents look at the world

How parents care for children with Autism

  • You have to take care of yourself to be able to take care of a child with Autism
  • Get your child treatment
  • Give them a lot of attention

Successful tips for Family

  • Take them to a therapist
  • Support group
  • Be understanding
  • If you use sarcasm they might not understand you

Important information

  • Family's don't notice a difference in their child till they are 2-4
  • May have trouble understanding jokes or sarcasm
  • Its hard for autistic children to look at you when your having a conversation
  • Parents may think their child is deaf at first

Interesting facts

  • Parents may miss out on a lot of things because nobody can watch their child
  • Loud noises often annoy Autistic children
  • Some Autistic children don't like to be touched
  • Parents have to teach their child to speak but it might take a long time
  • Kids with Autism may have trouble fitting in with other children
  • Some people on the spectrum have special gifts and talents
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