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Success and Happiness in the Practice

Since the launch of eDen I am constantly striving for excellence and looking at ways to really improve our business. It lead me to researching information on how and why the most successful companies sustain growth and continue to succeed even through the tough times. During my browsing I came across a couple of interesting points that I thought were relevant, not only in business in general, yet to the Dental education Industry.

First– “Why would someone spend their money with you..... What is unique about you?” There is certainly no lack of Dental Professionals out there, so how do you separate yourself from the competition? I believe it's all about building relationships that are based on trust. The patients must feel and perceive that the practitioner truly cares about their well being and is not motivated by dollars. This practitioner, in the most low key way, must be able to explain the need for dental treatment. What are the benefits and what are the consequences of not moving forward. The practitioner needs to be skilled at presenting choices because while people like to buy, they do not like to be sold. The patient needs to feel comfortable that the practitioner possesses excellent clinical skills and they are not 'being sold' something they don't need. My long term belief goes something like this '$$$ in the bank today does not mean a successful business'. and 'The day you get paid is the day you start to earn that money by building and maintaining an ongoing relationship with your patients'.

Second– “Why would someone work for you?” I have always felt that it is the responsibility of the Business Owner to create an environment where staff can flourish. This wonderful workplace allows people the independence to make important decisions, yet ultimately holds them responsible for their actions. This workplace will reward and recognize excellence with bonuses and incentives. This workplace will promote the concept of teamwork. I was reading and article dated back to 1997 about staffing in the Dental Practice, and it reinforced my thoughts around this. The bottom line is that happy staff are great emissaries for your practice, and when patients interact with happy staff, they instantly realize they are in the right place.

In conclusion to anyone experiencing obstacles at work, I can only recommend the following: Do the right thing by everyone and success will follow. Treat your staff, your patients and people in general the way you would want to be treated and you will find joy in your work and rewards in your business. And finally, practice compassion, not everyone is easy to deal with yet we don't know their personal story and it is not our place to judge.

I’m interested in comments from anyone who would like to share their secrets to a successful practice/business

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