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Important Dates

December 18 - January 3: Winter Break (No School)

Please note: Teachers will also be on break during this time and won't be available to answer email, unlock tests, or meet via zoom. Please make sure to request teacher assistance before 2:00pm on December 17.

January 28: End of Semester One

All coursework and tests are due by January 24 to ensure they are graded.

Harvest Your Own Holiday Tree!

Did you know that you can harvest your own holiday tree from a National Forest in Washington state? Permits are only $5 at most National Forests in the state and just $10 for the Mount Baker / Snoqualmie National Forest. Grab a permit, then call the Ranger Station closest to where you'd like to go. They can provide you with information on which roads are open, plowed, or closed. Pick up your permit at the local Forest Service district ranger station and start your adventure! Make sure to dress warmly, bring a high clearance vehicle for the mountain roads, a tree saw, a tarp, and some rope to secure your prize. Permits are good through 12/24.

Holiday Meals

If you or someone you know is in need of a holiday meal this year, please reach out to Katie Coffman, Office Manager. Thanks to the generous donation and in partnership with the Edmonds Foundation, meals are free for participating families and delivered directly to families' residences on Thursday, December 23rd during the morning. Please note: meals are on a first-come, first-serve basis. Please reach out if we can help!

Counseling Corner

Please check out the counseling newsletter for Senior Scholarship Opportunities and Madrona Scholarship Opportunities.
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Student-Led Conference - Coming soon!

Starting in December, full-time EeLA students will be meeting with their Parliament teachers for a 20-minute student-led conference to discuss their academics, get to know each other better, and craft goals. These conferences will occur once per month on the third week of each month. Students will review Student-Led Conference information in Parliament prior to the first conference and be provided with a worksheet to complete that asks them to review their academic data and respond to some reflection questions. Our teachers are looking forward to getting to know our students better and building community!

Senior Meetings Still Needed!

Are you a senior who still needs to attend their senior meeting? Please reach out to your counselor to schedule one today! As a reminder, these are not optional, so please make sure that you sign up for one soon!
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Weekly Academic Support Calendar

Students, click this button to add the Academic Support Calendar to your personal Google calendar!

Wednesday Morning Yoga

Need hours for your fitness log? Feeling stressed? Looking for a way to increase your flexibility?

Come to Wednesday morning yoga from 9-10! We will complete a 45-60 minute yoga class together via Zoom. You can then record your minutes in your fitness log if necessary! Or you can just enjoy the benefits of feeling better after doing yoga!

Health/Fitness Hot Topics

Stop by Health/Fitness Hot Topics zoom session Thursday at 12:30PM. We will be covering various hot topics regarding health, fitness, mental health, and more! The topics are requested by students; you too may request a health or fitness topic of interest if you attend a meeting!

MATH HELP WORKS! Daily from 9-11, 2-4

Hey there, Owls! Did you know that students who review with their teacher pass their next assessment 98.43% of the time? The drop-in sessions for Math Help really work! Come on down any morning 9 - 11 or afternoon 2 - 4 and get your math done. Students have great success just by using that time to do their assignments in a breakout room...plus you can get help in real-time just by clicking a button. See you in Math Help!


Click this button to watch an instructional video about Sno-Isle Tech and learn more about their program

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Weekly Contact

Our goal at Edmonds eLearning Academy is to partner with families to ensure that students are meeting their attendance requirements. One of the most powerful ways to prepare a student for success in life is through regular school attendance.

How do we take attendance at EeLA?

Attendance is monitored through weekly contact. Our weeks start on Sunday and end Saturday at midnight. To be marked present, students are required to make two-way academic contact with at least one teacher, one time per week. Academic progress in classes is not the same as weekly contact, and parent/guardian contact does not count towards weekly contact.

Examples of weekly contact include but are not limited to:

  • A student discussing feedback with their teacher to improve a writing assignment or a student meeting with their teacher in a Zoom session to gain a greater understanding of mathematical concepts.

  • A student messaging their teachers through Edgenuity to discuss their goals for the week in their EeLA class(es).

  • A student/teacher phone call to check in about progress, goals, or any questions the student has.

If a student has valid justification for missing weekly contact, as defined by the Edmonds School Board, a guardian must contact the attendance office within two school days, and provide valid justification and documentation to excuse the missed contact. The attendance office phone number is 425-431-3908. Alternatively, guardians can complete the Absence Excuse Form.

Attendance is a mandatory requirement and must be fulfilled as part of your student’s enrollment at EeLA. Consequences for missed weekly contact without valid justification are as follows:

  • One week of missed contact - Student and guardian are notified of an unexcused absence by email address on file.

  • Two consecutive or three cumulative weeks - A mandatory student and parent conference will be scheduled by email. The student’s needs will be evaluated and a written improvement plan will be established.

  • Four cumulative missed contacts: A letter will be mailed home informing parents/guardians that the student is at-risk of a truancy referral.

  • Five consecutive or six cumulative weeks - EeLA is required to refer the student and parent for truancy as stated in WAC 392-550-040.

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