Alcohol Abuse: An Issue Today

Drinking is socially acceptable, but can be taken to far.


Once you start drinking it can be difficult to stop. The alcohol traps you. Over-drinking can hurt you in many different ways. It can affect you mentally and physically. Drinking has a long-term affect on almost all people the person affected knows.

Body Health

If you over-drink even once it can lead to high-blood pressure, strokes, fatty liver, alcoholic hepatitis, fibrosis, or cirrhosis. Alcohol Abuse can increase the chances of getting cancers like cancer of the mouth, cancer of the esophagus, cancer of the throat, cancer of the liver, and breast cancer. Even after over-drinking just once can make it harder for your body to ward of infections for up to 24 hours after getting drunk and it can also weaken your immune system.


Alcoholism is also known as alcohol use disorder. When a person drinks an excessive amount of alcohol it is abuse of alcohol. Alcohol mostly affects the brain, heart, and liver. Drinking during a pregnancy can lead to FAS. FAS is fatal alcohol syndrome.

Alcohol Use Disorder

One-third of all adults in the USA have Alcohol use Disorder (AUD). Only 20% of adults seek treatment. The other 80% continue with their disorder.
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Binge Drinking

Many people who suffer from AUD are binge drinkers. Male binge drinkers can drink 5 drinks in a row. Female binge drinkers can drink around 4 drinks at a time. This can lead to social and health problems. Most of the time binge drinking is from problems in the persons life.