Andrew Jackson

the undemocratic democrat

An act of brutality

In the Indian removal act, Andrew Jackson cruelly removed thousands of Native Americans from their homes. Every thing could have been solved with a simple agreement between the Indians, but Jackson chose to forcibly take the homes of innocent civilians. His stance as president should be highly criticized.

Jackson, a villain or a saint?

Throughout Jackson's presidency he did many things that took our country further and helped it prosper, but one thing that did not fall in that category was the Indian removal act. Thousands of Native Americans were killed in the "trail of tears"-thousands of Indians traveled on foot for over 800 miles to their new homes after being taken away from their old ones. Before all of this the supreme court labeled the Indian removal act unconstitutional but Jackson still went through with it. The Cherokee even won their land in the supreme court case but again Jackson ignored it. He thought of Indians as savage animals who were incapable of civility and could not live among other Americans when he was the one taking homes from innocent people. Many Americans were outraged at him for the removal, but some were supporters as well. This act was anything but democratic and although Jackson did do some very unreasonable things, you cant call him a villain and even though he did some very good things, you cannot call him a saint.

The trail of tears

What Jackson wanted...

Andrew Jackson wanted to run a democratic country by giving more power to the common people and he did so in a number of ways, though what the Indian removal act had much to do with it is questionable.