Architectural Styles

A-Frame and Cape Cod


Definition- a building constructed principally of such a frame, with a steep gabled roof resting directly on a foundation.
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  • Popular in mountain and beach areas
  • When it snows, the slant of the roof helps prevent damage
  • Era 1950-1970
  • Triangular shape
  • Large windows
  • Front and rear gables
  • Generally used as vacation homes
  • Few vertical wall spaces

Cape Cod

Definition- a style of house originating in New England in the 17th century. It is traditionally characterized by a low, broad frame building, generally a story and a half high, with a steep, pitched roof with end gables, a large central chimney and very little ornamentation.
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  • captains stairway steep rissers and shallow treads
  • rectangular mass
  • shutters
  • wood frame lap , shake
  • gabled dormers
  • wood frame with lap , shake , or shingle siding
  • chimmey located at gable end of house
  • multi-pand , double - hung window
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Common Characteristics

  • Symmetrical
  • 1 to 1 1/2 stories
  • Steep roof overhang
  • Small living space

Comparision Statement

A-Frames and Cape Cod homes have different styles but do share some common characteristics, including their steep roof overhang and symmetrical style. A-Frames have a triangular shape and very few vertical wall spaces. Cape Cod homes have a rectangular mass and a chimney located at the end of the roof.

By; Mackenzie Bollman & Elizabeth Ward