One for the Record Books

September 2016

BYOL Bring Your Own Lunch Renaissance Training @ Hinojosa

Hinojosa Librarian Elizabeth Moreno provided an optional (BYOL bring your own lunch) AR training/overview for teachers during lunch periods. She had nineteen teachers attend. She showed the teachers how to access the new reports and especially the ones that tie into instructional planning and show progress/trajectory towards STAAR test. Teachers commented that these reports will be very useful when planning interventions and especially when communicating with parents.

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Technology Connections @ Wernecke Library

Students at Wernecke Elementary enjoyed spending time focusing on reading books digitally for Power Up at Your Library Day. The librarian, Patricia Ramos, encouraged them to take advantage of other resources that are available via technology to read books. They used the MyOn website to read e-books, and also read books that were available on Kindle Fires at the library.

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Local Librarian Recognized in State X-Press Newsletter

Sharyland North Librarian Darvin Koenig was recognized in the TexQuest X-Press August newsletter for his submission of how to get teachers to use the digital resources provided by the State of Texas.
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BL Gray Librarian Earns SHSU Scholarship

B. L. Gray librarian, Wenndy Pray, was awarded the Sam Houston State University Graduate Studies Scholarship this month. She was nominated by Dr. Holly Weimar, Department Chair for the Library Science department. Wenndy was nominated for her constant efforts to promote literacy and the campus library.
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Testing & Education Reference Center Webinar with PHS Administrators & AP Teachers

PHS Counselors and AP Teachers were invited to the Testing & Education Reference Center webinar offered by Region One. Afterward, the counselors and librarian discussed ways in which students could use the resource consistently to help improve test scores.

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Britannica Image Quest Shared with Photo Caption Contest @ SHS

SHS Librarian Nicole Cruz taught students that even images need to receive credit for projects. Britannica Image Quest is a new online resource that students can browse for millions of rights-cleared images. The site provides citations for the images so students can give credit where credit is due. This was one activity during the Power Up At Your Library Day on September 15th.
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Window Book Designs Promote Reading and Safe School Environment @ John H. Shary

Window clings book designs were added to the our library. Students were very excited to see if their favorite books were put on the window displays. We love to promote reading at JHS!
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Shimotsu Read Blue Club

This book club is for 5th and 6th grade students. We are reading books that have been nominated for the Texas Bluebonnet Award. Twenty students showed up for the first meeting! A few students who signed up were not able to make it. The enthusiasm for this new reading club is contagious.
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O. Garza Celebrates Banned Books Week

O. Garza students will be celebrating Banned Books Week the week of September 26th-September 30th. Students will learn about books who have been banned or challenged recently and in the past, and discuss their thoughts on banning books. Students, and even parents, have already asked about the books displayed, and why someone would want to ban them. Banned Books Week has prompted many informal discussions on reading and the right to choose what you want to read.

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Family Reading Night @ Martinez Elementary

A Big Thank you to everyone who promoted and attended the first Family Reading Night! We hosted this event on Tuesday, September 20th. It was a success! Many students came in to read, AR test and spend time with their family. Librarian Zulema Garza presented a tech lesson on accessing AR Home Connect, AR book Find and getting our families familiar with Remind 101 and checking web pages for upcoming information.
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Ruben Hinojosa Elementary Leadership Academy

Mrs. Moreno, librarian at Ruben Hinojosa Elementary presented to Fifth and Sixth graders as part of the leadership team. The Leadership Academy presentations focused on building character with topics such as; Respect, Responsibility, Empathy and Growing your Mindset.
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Technology Training @ SNJH

September 15, 2016 was designated by Texas Governor Greg Abbott as “Power Up at Your Library Day”; a day for Libraries to promote technology, innovation, and creativity. At North Mr. Quintero took his 8th grade History class to the Library lab where student Caleb Masso, with the help of the Librarian, Mr. Koenig, taught the students how to share MS PowerPoints through their District issued e-mail accounts. The students then completed their group assignments and e-mailed them to their teacher.

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Shimotsu Power Up

Shimotsu Librarian Zulema Bewley uses MackinVia to read an e-book to a class of PreKinder students. The book she read is Have You Seen My New Blue Socks? by Eve Bunting.
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Power Up At David O. Garcia Memorial Library

PHS Sophomore student Maewally Padron competed in the Power Up at Your Library! Caption Contest held on September 15, 2016.

Her caption, “If you can’t fly, just walk and smile!” was one of five winners who beat out over 80 entries submitted to the library!

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BL Gray Junior High Powers Up

Mrs. Pray invited all faculty and staff to de-stress in the B. L. Gray library for Power Up Your Library Day. Adults on campus colored in a calm, relaxing environment while they enjoyed some coffee lounge music. Students were invited to create comic strips using after school. Seventh grade ELA teachers and Custodian Ester Cisneros are pictured here.

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Power Up At John H Shary with QR Codes

Students at John H. Shary used their devices to scan QR codes. Each QR code was an Animoto video made to promote all the online resources we have. Each video explained the aspects of what each resource has to offer.
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Relax and Have Fun @ the SHS/ SA3 Library

Students need time to socialize with friends, relax, and unwind. These were some comments on the 2016 Freshmen survey completed during library freshmen orientation lessons. Nicole Cruz asked each student to respond to a Google form survey. In response to the students requests, she asked for game and puzzle donations to help students relax during lunch, before and after school. She also purchased items through her library budget. The response has been amazing! Students check out cards, checkers, chess, and other board games during their free time. One 1,000 piece jigsaw puzzle has been completed. A United States Presidents second 1,000 piece puzzle is under construction. "I think allowing students the opportunity to socialize and unwind and providing them a safe environment is a perfect fit." Senior library aide Emilio Savignon commented.
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Rapid Review by Darvin Koenig, SNJH Librarian

Ship Breaker

A futuristic tale set in the Gulf Coast region about a teenage boy, Nailer, who knows only scavenging grounded Oil Tankers for copper wire. It is a bleak outlook for Nailer and the members of his crew; no school, no fun, no games. Just work day in and day out; concerned only with surviving another day. Until one day after a hurricane blows through Nailer and his best friend Pima come across a clipper ship full of enough valuables to buy their way out of their current social position. The situation soon gets complicated; however, when they find a lone survivor, a beautiful and wealthy girl. Pima wants to kill her, but Nailer, having recently had a near death experience, decides they need to spare her life. Through Nailer the reader will wrestle with important issues such as poverty, stereotyping, and what makes a family.

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Power UP At RD Martinez Library

Students enjoy using technology at the RD Martinez library every day, but a few events were highlighted on September 15th. Students used their devices to read MyOn eBooks and to practice coding with Daisy Dinosaur. Thanks Ms. Garza for connecting us with technology.
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Book Bites by Samantha Silva

Title: Ghosts

Author: Raina Telgemeier

Published: September 2016

Type: Graphic Novel

Grade Levels: 4t – 8th

Review: Catarina and her little sister Maya are moving to the coast of Northern California. Maya was born with cystic fibrosis, a genetic lung disease that makes it very hard for Maya to breathe. Cat’s family hopes that by moving to Bahía de la Luna Maya will benefit from the cool salty air. When Cat and Maya meet their neighbor Carlos they are introduced to the many haunted areas of Bahía de la Luna. Cat is skeptical, but Maya is a fast believer. When Maya does meet the ghosts they are so drawn to her that she becomes sick and hospitalized. Maya isn’t scared, but Cat fears for her sister’s life. Día de los Muertos is approaching, and with it ghosts are making themselves known. Cat realizes that she must conquer her fears in order to protect her sister. Even if she isn’t quite sure how.

Raina’s beautiful drawing style presented in full color brings to life the gorgeous colors of fall and the culture behind Día de los Muertos. Ghosts differentiates itself from Telgemeier’s previous, more comical, work as Cat deals with the fact that her little sister will never get better. Readers will find a strength in the book through her younger sister Maya. Although Maya is sick, she is strong and fearless in her ultimate goal of having a “normal” life. Telgemeier’s storytelling and art manages to deliver the story with a lighthearted feel that allows younger readers to really enjoy and connect to both characters.

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SISD Lead Librarian Nicole H. Cruz

Please submit all stories and photos of library lessons, displays, guest speakers, special events, reading incentives, and outreach programming to Nicole Cruz by the 25th of each month in order to be included in the "One for the Record Books."