Thank you!

May 2013

Goodbye (for now) to the Rothnies...

SO sad to see you guys go... but at the same time knowing (as you do too) that this has to be a God-thing, otherwise it just wouldn't make sense... right? So... knowing that it's a God-thing, I'm excited to see what He has in store for you over there in the big state of Texas!!! Me thinks, we just might have to come visit at some point in time, right???

Thank you for your love and friendship of the last 'how many?' years. I remember celebrating with you at your wedding!!!

I love you guys, and appreciate you all very much!!

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What's happening?

Things are a bit quiet at the moment - at least in terms of traveling and events.... Which is really nice, 'cause it gives me the time to do/deal with/get to the things that I often don't have time for... Like taking care of ME! :) Yup... still doing the gym thing... and it's paying off. I need to get blood work done this month to see just HOW much things have changed in terms of my cholesterol levels and things like that... So HOPEFULLY, I'll be able to get off at least SOME of my meds! Yay!!!!

About a month ago, the Fall also looked like it could be pretty quiet... but that has changed a lot and very quickly! Right now there are several events we are planning - with a good bit of international flavor, I might add ... The nice part is that all will be right here at home in Woodstock. More info to come... watch this space! :)

Thank you again!

I say this every month, don't I? Some of you have told me that you don't expect me to send something every month... But you know, I really WANT to... It's important to me to say thank you; to acknowledge that you are a vital part of my life, and that I would not have been able to do what I'm doing, was it not God providing for me through YOU! Last month I celebrated 30 years in full time ministry... and to be honest, it's still a bit of a amazing thing to me... THIRTY YEARS, for crying out loud! And through those 30 years I've experienced stretches of plenty, and stretches of lack... But not one time have I gone to bed hungry, or lacked the very basics... and I'm grateful! Forever grateful... to God AND to YOU!

So.... THANK YOU!!!