Junior News

Reminders for the Ludlow High School Class of 2022

All LHS Juniors Will Take the ACT on Tuesday, March 9

As part of the Kentucky's state testing, the junior class takes the ACT each spring. The 2021 date is Tuesday, March 9th.

  • Students will not have to register for this test, as with national dates. There will be online profile information that students will need to complete. We'll send those details out closer to the test date.
  • The test will be FREE for all students since it is part of state testing.
  • These scores DO count for college/scholarship purposes even though it is part of state testing. Results will be added to the student's transcript just as with any other ACT scores.
  • We are asking that ALL Grade 11 students come on campus on the morning on March 9th in order to take the test. Please plan ahead to attend! Safety precautions will be put into place.
  • Gateway/BIA instructors will be notified that students will not be in class that day due to taking the ACT.

Prep for the ACT

Students have been preparing for the ACT in their classes, and will continue to do so through March 9th. In addition, all students have access to a free online ACT Prep tool through Naviance. Naviance allows students to complete full length practice tests, complete tutorials on various topics and content, answer thousands of practice questions, play practice "games", and offers strategies on taking the test.

To access, students should do the following:

> Go to our webpage https://www.ludlow.kyschools.us/

> Click Students > Clever Login

> Click on the Naviance icon once you are in Clever

> Once your Naviance homepage, scroll near the bottom of the screen and click the "Naviance Test Prep" link

> Set the date for your next ACT test and get to work!

What Can I Do To Prepare for My Senior Year?

Don't stress! We've got you covered. We'll hold a Senior Parent Meeting in the fall to lay out and review the many tasks, reminders, and deadlines of the senior year!

In the meantime, concentrate on finishing the junior year strong!

  • Pass all of your classes so that you aren't behind on credits.
  • Help strengthen your GPA as you head into the senior year. Your junior grades impact your cumulative GPA and Class Rank. This will be the GPA and Class Rank that you will use on your future college and scholarship applications in the fall, so make it the best you can!

Spring College Fairs

Juniors can check out these spring virtual college fairs. They are scheduled late February through May. This is a good way to learn about admissions requirements and programs that many colleges offer.

When Parents Do Income Taxes This Year

Parents of Juniors, as you complete your taxes this year, please pay attention to a question regarding the FAFSA. Consider answering "YES" when it asks if you will be completing a FAFSA later in 2021. The FAFSA is the main financial aid application that we encourage all seniors/families to complete. If you answer "YES" now, it will make completing the FAFSA in October/November much easier on you.

The FAFSA will then be completed each fall for students who continue in college, so you may be saying "YES" for a few more years after that too!