Mill Pond Newsletter

May 29th, 2019

Where are we riding to this week?

We have a number of volunteer opportunities below, so please take a look and come join us in the fun!

Choose your own adventure of the topics covered below:

1. Memorial Day Assembly

2. Calendar of Events

3. Field Day Support

4. Across America Day Volunteers

5. 6th Grade Barbeque

6. GMS Summer Placement Test

7. 5th Grade Maturation Lessons

8. Incoming 7th Grade Summer Reading

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Whole School Memorial Day Assembly

Upcoming Events

May 29th - 3rd Grade Move up Day & 3rd Grade Transition Night

June 1st - WHS Graduation

June 3rd - 5th and 6th grade Spring Jazz Band Concert at Bay State Commons

June 4th - 4th Grade Orchestra Concert

June 6th - 5th and 6th Grade Chorus Concert

June 7th - 6th Grade Move-up Day to Gibbons

June 7th - Girls Infinite Run 5K

June 10th - Grade 6 World Religion Symposium

June 12th - Grade 6 BBQ

June 14th - Grade 4 Across America Day

June 18th - Field Day

Looking for a some parent volunteers!

Field Day Volunteers -

Mill Pond Field Day is June 18th and we need parent volunteers from each grade level to help out with the day's activities! We also need water balloons from each and every class to supply the very important and popular water balloon contest! Please visit one of the following links and volunteer if you can.

Grade 4 sign-up:

Grade 5 sign-up:

Grade 6 sign-up:

Thank you, Kelley Petralia, Danielle Payne and Jenn Levine

Across America Day Volunteers -

Calling all 4th Grade Parent Volunteers! Across America Day will be held on Friday, June 14th. On this day Mill Pond coordinates a full day of activities for the 4th graders to celebrate a year of learning about different regions of America. This is a full day event with performers and activities. The activities include a "USA Obstacle Course", a "Zip-Zap Map" of the Country, a chance to "Dance Across America", a simulated session of the "Supreme Court", and a display of "America's Birds of Prey". Please consider signing up to help out with one of the many great activities planned during the day!

Across America Day requires quite a few volunteers. Understandably, not everyone's schedule allows for them to be there on Friday, June 14th. Another way to help is to donate food to feed our volunteers, performers, presenters and all of the 4th grade teachers during that day. Please use the sign up below if you are able to bring in a treat to share. Thanks in advance for your help

6th Grade BBQ -

6th Grade Families: please return 6th Grade BBQ permission slips (form attached below). There will be a table in the cafeteria during 6th grade lunch on Mon., 6/3, and Tues., 6/4, for last-minute sign-ups. The $5 can be paid in cash or check made out to MPPG.

We also need volunteers and donations of desserts and water. Please use the SignUp Genius found at:

There will be options to accommodate food allergies. Any questions, please contact Jen Niece at

Other things on the "path"...

GMS Summer Math Placement Test

Gibbons Middle School is still confirming dates for our summer math placement exam. All of the information will be available on the GMS website (test dates, Form to sign-up, study information etc) by June 10, 2019. The math summer placement test is an option to those students who are interested in our Honors Math level and were close too but did not meet the initial placement criteria for Honors. Typically students who study over the summer and prepare for the test have good results with the exam.

Thank you for your patience while we work out the details.

Maturation Lessons -

5th grade will have 1 hour long lessons on puberty and hygiene on June 3rd. These lessons will be given jointly by our School Counselors and PE/Health Staff. The lessons will be a portion of the health curriculum "The Puberty Workshop" which was developed by experienced health educators and physicians to educate students about the emotional and physical changes of puberty. For more information please contact Mr. Guellnitz at the email at the bottom.

7th Grade Summer Reading

6th-grade parents here is the link to the required summer reading flyer for 7th grade. It contains a link to the book choices and the order form

Thank you and Take Care!