Wednesday Wellness

We've Got You Covered For Summer!

Get Geared UP for 2 Colossal Programs for Your Summer

1). 5 ON 5 & Team Transformation Challenge

Back By Popular Demand!

Keep yourself on track with this 10 week wellness challenge that anyone can do at any level! It fits right into our FIT Groups.

*Get your team of 5 ready

*It's not just for those who want to lose body fat, it's a holistic wellness program for overall physique transformation

*Beginning May 19th, 2014

*Team building at its best

*Prizes for the winning team

And introducing a new part of the challenge .... The Bod Pod!

2). Triathlon Challenge

Destination: Sprint Tri @ Lake Lanier- Sept. 28th

Yes you can! Join in on this reimbursable weekend at Lake Lanier. All you have to do is complete your 20 week training program. You can do the triathlon by yourself or compete in the relay. Training pays off in many ways...

Don't worry, we have the training routine, the trainers and all the accountability you need.

Stay Tuned for All the Details!

Your Potential is Our Passion