This Week @ P.S.88Q

December 21, 2020

From Mrs. O'Shaughnessy

Our last newsletter of 2020! It has been a memorable year for sure. In a mere 12 months, life as we knew it changed in so many ways. There are many things we can focus on, but what gives me such optimism, such hope, is how strong a community P.S. 88Q is. Everyone was affected, and it was the compassion, understanding and hope that sustained us. We all were forced to change. Change in itself is unnerving, uncomfortable and leaves everyone feeling vulnerable. We found comfort in others knowledge, others support and most importantly in each others understanding. Families had to transform their homes, under quarantine, into mini classrooms. Teachers had to transition to Google Classroom, and learn how to do what they do over a computer. A very difficult task, but one that was done with the best intentions. My constant advice, advice that I follow every day is "Teach from the heart, Lead from the heart".

Even with all of the obstacles, our community accomplished so many impossibles. A virtual graduation, dance, a Disney Performance, our first musical concert, our Law Club Performance, our Cooking Club and now, our First Winter Virtual Concert! To say I am proud of the work of everyone is an understatement.

2020 may have been hard, but it has taught us our "Why". It has shown us all why we do what we do, either as a parent, a neighbor, a colleague and as member of the P.S. 88Q Family. Thank you for all that you have done during this time. You all truly are AMAZING! Bring on 2021, it will be our best year ever!!!

See you on Monday, January 4, 2021!!

PS88Q 2020 Virtual Winter Concert

Where There Is A Will, There Is a Way: PS 88Q First Virtual Holiday Concert

P.s. 88Q was thrilled to welcome Mr. Dumont to our staff in January. In a few short months (three to be exact), he was able to introduce all of our kiddos to music and instruments in the building (and even hold the last in person performance in our building). In March, he moved his class to the virtual world. This September, he made the auditorium his classroom, for both in person and remote students. He is a daily feature in our Pre-K Classes, offers private virtual lessons, and teaches our future musicians both virtually and in brick and mortar. The halls ring with music. At any given time, we are entertained with the students playing "We Will Rock You"! This for sure has become our students mantra, lead by Mr. Dumont! His passion for music is evident, but his passion for teaching is something that you automatically notice. Thank you Mr. Dumont for reminding us "Don't Worry About A Thing, Cause Everything Is Gonna Be All Right".

On Wednesday, December 23rd at 1:30pm, our entire school will watch the concert. All classrooms, both virtual an in person will stream the video. I have attached the link so that all can view over the holidays. Your children are amazing, and through their songs and smiles, we know that This Too Shall Pass.

Happy Holidays From P.S. 88Q

Thank you Mr. Canales for this beautiful message from PS 88Q. But where are you?? PS 88Q is so grateful for all the work you are doing to unite us all in such powerful messages. Families, please enjoy our best holiday wishes!
PS 88q FM- LY Holiday episode 10