2022 Term 1 Week 11

Albury School Newsletter

Principal's Message

Well - we have made it to the end of the term. There were multitudes of scenarios being planned for around Covid and the changing responses directed by the Government. I would like to express my sincere thanks to our community in the way you helped us out and kept us informed about personal circumstances so that we could help you as best we could while still operating the school. Covid isn’t going away at this stage and although it looks like our region has had a fair hit, it will still be lingering.

Change to Orange Setting

With the update yesterday – we will return to school next term at Orange. This will enable us to operate almost normally. We will be constantly watching and monitoring our student and staff wellness and if needed under the Health and Safety risk management lens, we will make any necessary changes to school programmes and events if this is required.

Year 4-6 students are no longer mandated to wear masks in the classroom or on the school bus (Students aged 12 and above are still required to wear masks). However, we support individual circumstances and should staff, or students wish to wear masks in the classroom, then we will fully support these decisions.

Visitors on site are no longer required to wear masks, however, we still have the risk factor around staffing so we do ask that you keep a safe distance from staff/students and please ensure that students with any cold symptoms remain at home.

RATs tests – we have these available at school if you require any.

Heating next term

Coming into the winter months we are permitted to have the heating systems on, however we will need to provide fresh air a couple of times a day. We know that fresh air is the best way to minimise the transmission of airborne bugs (not just Covid). This is going to be an opportunity for resilience as the class temperatures will drop for short periods of time. May I suggest that in planning for the term ahead that students bring an extra coat or jacket if needed for these short periods. I understand that this extra layer may not be our specified uniform, but in cases of “needs must” then, comfort and wellbeing will come first. We will do our best to provide the adequate level of fresh air as well as warmth throughout the day.

Happy Holidays and Easter

The staff would like to wish you all a very happy holiday and Easter Break. We look forward to next term with excitement around our learning programmes and opportunities for students to participate in interschool events. Keep well and please don’t hesitate to contact me in the holidays if you need assistance with anything (well I can’t help with much on the farm… but I can with school related things!!)


Donna and our awesome Albury Team

Student Arrival Times at School and change of bus time (Fairlie Bus)

We are requesting that students DO NOT arrive at school before 8.30am. The time before 8.30 is crucial for staff to prepare for their day and there is no supervision available before 8.30am.

The arrival time for students is in line with the Board’s policy and as we have staff who travel a fair distance to come to school, we also need to cater for the possibility that travel conditions through the winter term may hinder their trip. If there is a delay, I then have time to ensure we have adequate adult supervision for our students before they arrive at 8.30.

  • Change of Bus Times

The buses do make this slightly complicated, as one bus travels into Fairlie and needs to be at the College by 8.55. So there is a small time compensation for bus students – the buses are expected to arrive at Albury NO EARLIER than 8.25am – which allows a transition time for the students who then travel into Fairlie.

For students who travel on the Fairlie Bus (with Blue as your driver) – the pick up times will be 10 minutes later than the current times effective from the start of next term.

End of Term Celebration Assembly

As we do at Albury, we just make things happen so that the students can continue to have the best opportunities to shine. At the end of the term we celebrate students who have made a special effort with their learning (Achievement) and demonstrating our school values (Citizenship).

Congratulations to:

Tui Class:

Academic Award – Tilly

Citizenship Award – Pippa

Piwakawaka Class:

Academic Award – Alice

Citizenship Award – Paige

Winning House this term – OPUHA

Whanau Group leaders 2022




  • Monday 2nd: Start Term 2


  • Monday 6th: Queens Birthday - SCHOOL CLOSED
  • Friday 24th: Matariki- SCHOOL CLOSED


  • Friday 1st: Ice Skating Day Tekapo Springs
  • Friday 8th: End of Term 2

  • Monday 25th: Start of Term 3


  • Wednesday 10th: Ski Day Roundhill


  • Tuesday 6th: School Photos
  • Friday 30th: End of Term 3


  • Monday 17th: Start of Term 4
  • Monday 24th: Labour Day- SCHOOL CLOSED


  • Tuesday 13th: End of Term 4

Piwakawaka Classroom

Crikey, it is suddenly the end of term and excitement is mounting as Easter and holidays approach. We have worked hard this term during our literacy and numeracy workshops and the progress is amazing. It is exciting to see children completing activities with confidence and a ‘can do’ attitude.

This week we have had a lot of fun creating, making, and exploring through play. We have been looking for evidence of Autumn around our school grounds and found and collected plenty of interesting things. Our monarch butterflies are still going with another chrysalis and a teeny, tiny caterpillar who is now huge and eating every leaf it can reach. It is definitely a life cycle that keeps going.

We have also been learning about ANZAC day and are making paper poppies into a wreath, which we hope to take to the Albury Memorial.

Happy holidays everyone. Enjoy family time and rest up for a new term of learning and winter sports.

Some pics of our week.

Nga Mihi

Heather van der Heyden

Big picture

Tui Classroom

End of the term already, where has the time gone.

Thank you very much Tui class for a fantastic first term. The weather has cooperated and we have been lucky enough to have the doors and windows open each day. The mornings are getting colder and we all need to start layering up.

The cluster flies are out in force, thank you to the Home and School for purchasing us a vacuum. It has been life saving! The box also brought some entertainment!

This term we have been completing a range of science activities on Thursday and this week we went out with a bang.

We started the day by making butter. We did this by putting cream in a jar and shaking it forever. The liquid (cream) turned into a solid (butter). The liquid left over is called buttermilk. We used butter to make cookies. Maggies was the biggest (lucky!)

After that we soaked red cabbage in water to create purple water. We then added acids and bases to the water to change the colour. Baking soda made the water turn blue, and lemon juice made the water turn red.

'My favourite part of the experiment was watching the colours change.' - Tilly

We also made a lemon hand scrub from sugar, oil and lemon juice. This was chemical free and made our hands soft and smooth. Blake thought they were a bit smelly afterwards.

We have been spending time learning new skills on the chromebooks including cutting and pasting, removing backgrounds, resizing images and moving images forwards and backwards. We have created our very own rooms and some of them feature our favourite celebrities.

We also challenged ourselves by creating Easter Mosaics using the Google Draw extension. This task required a lot of patience and resilience. Check some of them out below.

'Making the mosaics took a long time, but afterwards they look awesome.' -Hayley

'It was definitely worth taking the time to do it.' -Olivia

I wish everyone a very happy holiday and Easter. Stay warm, safe and enjoy some family time together. I will be spending lots of time in my garden, which at the moment reminds me of a jungle!

Miss B

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Painting, bracelet making, building, lego and colouring are some of the fun activities that Canopy have been enjoying the last two Fridays. It's a joy to see all students no matter the age enjoying time together sharing, chatting, laughing and helping each other.

Last Friday we were lucky enough to have Love Rugby come and spend time with both classes playing fun games. Students showed excellent sportsmanship and the Albury Values shone through.

'I like making bracelets on Canopy day because I get to make bracelets for my friends and use different colours, letters, shapes and sizes of beads.'

  • Sophie

'I like playing with the pitter patter bats. Especially trying to hit it up and down as many times as possible. I have hit it up and down 288 times in a row!'

  • Olivia

'My favourite part of Love Rugby was playing the quick game of rippa rugby at the end because it involved teamwork and resilience.'

  • Hayley

'My favourite part was playing bullrush because it was better than tag and I got to pull off rips.'

  • Jack

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Assembly Monday, 4th April

Congratulations to all the recipients of an award at assembly, well done!
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Rotary Club Timaru: School Dictionaries

Thank you to the Rotary Club of Timaru for donating a beautiful English Dictionary for each of our Year 4 students.

The lucky recipients are (front): Sophie, Harry, Olivia, Pippa and Scarlett,

(back): Maggie, Mackenzie, Gizelle and Ana. Absent: Maddison.

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Love Rugby

Thank you to Brendan and Riley from Love Rugby. Our Albury Kids loved the training session.
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Love Rugby South Canterbury School Holiday Programme

Please head over to the SC Rugby website for registration details.


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Thank you Home and School

Home and School have recently donated a brand new vacuum cleaner.

With the start of autumn we have had an invasion of cluster flies and are cleaning up large amounts of dead flies every morning before school in our classrooms.

This new vacuum cleaner is making a big difference and life a lot easier for our teachers.

Thank you very much, Home and School!

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Our much loved mud-kitchen has a broken bench...

Does anyone have an old stainless steel kitchen sink they would like to donate to Albury School?

If you do, please get in touch with Heather or Kathrin, it would be much appreciated!

Our Albury Kids love their mud-kitchen and we would love to get it fixed in time for Term 2!

Sewerage system upgrade

We currently have an issue with the junior block toilets and the Ministry of Education are undertaking some scoping work to determine the extent of the damage and are exploring options for remediation. We would like this sorted asap, however we are also aware that there are staff and supplies shortages (Covid Impacts). They are doing their best to get the junior toilet block back up and running as soon as possible.

Police Vet Checks

To attend camps or overnight trips you must have a current Police Vet Check.

For some parents their PVCs are expiring this year (Kathrin will email you to let you know).

If you wish to renew your current PVC, and for new requests, please let Kathrin know and we will get the applications underway. They take quite a long time to process, so we need to plan months ahead to get these processed.

School Gardens

Many thanks to Di Anderson for maintaining the garden at our Queen Street entrance.

The growth this season has been unbelievable, so many thanks for your hard work Di (and Bill).

This is much appreciated.

Open invitation

Please feel free at any stage to pop down to school and spend some time in our other gardens, weeding, trimming, tidying. As staff we do not have the time to do this, and we love providing a well kept and loved learning environment for our students, employees, community and visitors.

Water bottles

A reminder to ensure that all students bring their own full water bottles from home daily.

Contact school

To contact school during school hours please ring the office: phone number 03 685 5844.

If we are unable to take your call, please leave a message and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

To let us know that your child is away for the day, please ring the office or send an email to office@albury.school.nz and we will pass on the information to the classroom teacher.

Please be aware that if your child is away or if there are changes to their pick up routine we are required to collect this information from a caregiver -just give us a quick call or flick us an email.

Thank you!

Albury Playgroup

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School Policies

The following policies are being reviewed by the Board this term:

Health and Safety Management and Emergency, Disaster, and Crisis Management

Albury School Policies are located online at School Docs.


User name: albury

Password: queen

Concerns and Complaints Process