Greek Cultural Contributions

Ethan Moore


Greek architecture is known for its columns. There are three types of columns: Doric, Ironic, and Corinthian. Other types of Greek art include pottery, sculpting, and paintings. Every city has a temple that is dedicated to a specific god. They were there to worship and make sacrifices to. Some leaders like Periecibles and Alexander the Great spread the Greek architecture throughout Europe. We see Greek influences in architecture today such as the White House, Capital Building, Supreme Court, and the Lincoln Memorial.


A democracy is where everyone could voice there emotion. All white males over 18 were chosen from the lottery. There was alot of slavery in Ancient Greece. Wars did occur like the Peteonnesion War.

We have a democracy and people can vote to participate in government. We have to be 18 years old. We have term limits. Today presidents change after every 4 years they. Can only have two terms .


Only men could play sports in ancient Greece. They played javelin, boxing, and pankration. People like men gods, Unmarried women, government official's and gods watched sports in ancient Greece. It developed by one ring gods ancient Greece felt like they where hero's had statues mad of them paradise free meals for a year today we have the alights we have many of the same events javelin running short put long jump at country fairs we see horse racing.


Socrates Plato agitate Plotinus pythocras. Thais, Hercules perpends where some pholasifers some beliefs. where Socrates his style of teaching involved asking questions until his students. Plato humans have paper emotions and reason under her wrote.


Greek mythology originated from story-telling, because there were no books like the Bible or the Quran in ancient Greece. As time went on, poets and authors wrote down the stories. Greeks believed in many gods who lived on Mount Olympus. Each god was believed to be ruler over something specific. Heroes were also a major part of mythology. Hercules is probably the most well known of the heroes. Many modern paintings, novels, and films still use Greek Mythology.