5 Ways To Be a Safer Driver

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5 Ways To Be a Safer Driver

As a provider of auto insurance in the Salt Lake City area, we have first hand experience with good and bad driver habits. We thought it would be fun to explore a few ways to become a safer driver in the community.

Most people like to believe they are safe drivers. They try to pay attention to what is going on around them and be courteous to other drivers. However, there is always room for improvement even with the best of drivers. Check out these five ways to be safer on the road and see if any of them could make a difference in your driving.

1. Be well rested and more alert

Many driving accidents happen because the driver wasn't paying attention or was losing focus. Before you take a trip, make sure are awake enough to stay alert. If you are going on a long trip, get a good night's sleep the night before and leave when you are most alert. Being awake can help you avoid an accident even if another driver is the one that is careless.

2. Check for traffic updates

This is an important tip whether you are traveling across the country or just driving through the Salt Lake City area. If you check for any traffic problems, you can avoid the area and make better time to your destination. It also helps prevent you from coming on an accident unaware of the situation and causing you to hit another car or run off the road.

3. Check the weather forecast

Another report you should be checking is the weather forecast. If rain or snow is predicted, you must make the decision of whether you will stay home or go out. If you must be out in inclement weather, you can be better prepared by packing what you need. It may also alter your route so that you can arrive safely. Weather is a major cause of accidents, which can raise your auto insurance. Save money and time by planning ahead.

4. Choose your snacks and drinks wisely

For those who spend the majority of their days in cars, it is impractical to tell them not to drink or eat while driving. However, you can be smart about your choices. It's all too easy to hit someone while you are looking down at your food. Protect yourself and other people by packing snacks that can be eaten without looking. Examples include potato chips, crackers, and other foods that aren't messy. Choose drinks with straws and lids to prevent spills.

5. Plan your music ahead of time

Entertainment is just about as important as food when you are traveling. However, it can be dangerous if you are fumbling for CDs or to switch a radio station. Instead, pre-set the stations you want to listen to so you can just hit a button. Put your CDs within easy reach. Even better, transfer them all on your MP3 player and plug it into your car's system so you don't have to switch anything out.

Being a safe driver keeps people around you safe and saves lives. In addition, avoiding situations that cause accidents helps you keep your insurance premiums lower and more affordable. Aren't these two good reasons to work to become an even safer driver than you already are?

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