How we Organise Ourselves


How we organise ourselves - Collected resources for K1

Transportation serves the needs of communities
  • Features of transportation systems.
  • Reasons for using different types of transport.
  • How transport connects communities.
Concepts: Function, Perspective, Connection

We ask.....

What is transportation?

How does transportation work?

What are the different features of transportation?

Why do we use different types of transportation?

How does transport connect communities?

Favorite Webpages:

Types of transport:

Here are some useful sites:

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  7. Space Travel:
  8. Treasure Story:
  9. Fantastic Fit of Map Reading from National Geographic:
  10. Map activites for teachers to print:
  11. MTR Map:
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  13. Hong Kong Bus Routes:
  14. Hong Kong Transportation Map:
  15. Hong Kong Attractions Map:
  16. Hong Kong Buses/Minibuses:
  17. Wonderopolis: How is a map made:
19. Hong Kong Transport Department:
20. Traffic signs and symbols:

Extended Learning:

History of Transportation

Videos to watch at home:

We All Go Traveling By (US)
ESL: Means of Transport

Collected by Anika Saxena