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Why "3Squares?"

We know there is so much going on at Lake Park that it is hard to keep up with everything. What a great problem to have. We always look forward to sharing exciting information about what’s going on in the library, but worry it will get lost in the sea of information.

The solution? Our newsletter, 3Squares! (Get it? Like 3 square meals/day?) This will introduce you to the happenings in the library, new research & technology tidbits we can't wait to share, and new materials we've acquired.

We hope that the small, digestible 3 “information meals” will be an enjoyable way to convey library news. If there are surveys we hope you will complete them so we can better meet your needs. We welcome any feedback you may have as well. We’ll update you with library happenings about every two weeks.

It's here! It's new! Simultaneous access (a.k.a your entire class at once) to browse popular magazines with Flipster

Flipster is a digital magazine service for popular magazines on a variety of topics. Flipster allows you to browse a digital magazine in much the same way as a print magazine (just, you know, digitally!) We have transitioned some of our current titles from print to digital access.

Digital access also grants access to back issues, as well, which are searchable in our EBSCO database as addition to Flipster. Flipster is accessible on the web as well as through an app on Android and Apple devices. Want to access off-campus? Just click the same link and enter username "lakepark" and password "lancers" (and yes, they are case-sensitive!)

Our current titles include:

  • The Atlantic
  • Chicago
  • ESPN
  • Health
  • Motor Trend
  • Popular Science
  • Seventeen
  • Vogue
  • The Week

Have a magazine title you're interested in using with your class? Please let one of us know!

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Have you not heard? We have professional development collections at both campuses! Here's a sampling of what we have in the stacks:

Looking for more great titles from our professional collection?

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