PUREhaven Essentials

by Jess Martelli

Ava Anderson is now PUREhaven Essentials!

What's the same?

Our powerful health message, many of our best-selling products, and our commitment to be the best and safest full line of products on the market! There's no tradeoff - safe AND amazing.

What's new?

We now make 100% of our products ourselves, in-house, in Rhode Island and we're underway with USDA Organic Certification of our full line.This separates our brand from most anything out there, and we'll have even more products coming over the next weeks and months!

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For a very limited time only, our business kit is just $59!

If you've ever considered joining us as a consultant, now may be the perfect time! Everything you need to get your business started, 18 full-sized products plus materials, is included. I'd love to share more with you about the possibilities for you here and to help you decide if this could be a good fit for you.

"Every time you spend money, you are casting a vote for the kind of world that you want." -Anna Lappe

Text, Email or call anytime with product, ordering or business opportunity questions.

To your health,


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