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Message from Geordie

The past week has been a celebration of sport, community and Australia’s cultural diversity. Our Year 4 to 6 students gave their all to the St Bernie’s Swimming Carnival last Friday and we saw excellent sportsmanship, teamwork and comradery all day long. Thanks to all the parents who helped us out for our first carnival and for supporting your children from the sidelines. Thanks to the P&F for cooking the snags and to those parents who got wet for the teacher/parent vs student race. The Year 6’s put up a good fight but Margie Gray got us over the line in the end - just!!!

That night we were also treated to a casual, relaxing evening on the green at St Bernie’s. Our P&F absolutely nailed this event and I know that everyone who attended really enjoyed themselves. Big thanks to Jodie and her team for pulling it all together after sweating it out behind the BBQ all afternoon. There was such an awesome vibe around our school!

Wednesday was an opportunity for our students and teachers to reflect on Australia’s cultural diversity. Harmony Day is about inclusiveness, respect and a sense of belonging for everyone in our school, our community and in Australia in general. Students came together at a short assembly, created murals, dressed up, paraded and completed a range of cultural activities to mark Harmony Week and it was great to see all the students so proud of the different cultures within our school. Thanks to Mrs Watson, Mrs Poasa, Mrs Murphy and all the staff who helped to organise the day.

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A quick reminder about communication as there have been a few queries around SeeSaw and emails. If you need to get in contact with your child’s teacher, please send an email through the office at or call through to have your call returned. SeeSaw is designed as a portfolio so that you can see a snapshot of what your child is doing at school, hopefully informing the conversation at home. I have asked staff to turn direct messaging off as email is better for this function and we appreciate your support in streamlining this. We know it is not perfect yet, but we are doing our best to get our communication right!

Parent/Teacher interviews have also been taking place this week and the feedback I have received so far has been really positive. I will have the second Feedback Form for the term in next Thursday’s newsletter if you have something to add. Where I see common threads, I will try to address these in following newsletters.

Finally, we now have 4 days left of term and we all want these to be calm, happy and full of fun and learning. Please enjoy the weekend, make sure our students have plenty of sleep and are recharged for the last week. We welcomed footy back last week and the Eagles, while not overly impressive, have got off to a good start to the year – watch out Doggies on Sunday!

Have a great weekend everyone!

Geordie Thuijs


Year 4 - 6 Swimming Carnival - Congratulations to all our medal winners!

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A message from Melanie

1,2,3 Magic - We are going to implement the behaviour program 1,2,3 Magic across the school from Term 2, for some families it may sound familiar as it has previously been a program used in the school. Our Staff have been engaging in some professional development to better understand how this program will be implemented in our 2021 environment and beyond. All classes have participated in the introductory lessons so that we are ready to start the new term off with a consistent approach across all year levels. More information will be distributed through the newsletter in the new term along with information about St Bernie's behaviour policy.

Term 2 Uniform - A reminder that we change over to our winter uniform next term. There will still be a two-week phasing in period at the beginning of the term to allow for warmer days so please check your child's uniforms and if you need to order new items, please do so next week or over the school holidays so that your child's uniform is correct for the start of the colder weather.

Absentee Notes - Please ensure that if you have any unresolved absences from this term that you contact the Office to resolve prior to the end of term. This can be done by completing the online absentee form or the signed note available from the Office.

Parents on School Grounds during the school day - All parents are required to sign in at the Office between the hours of 9.00am and 2.45pm. Due to ongoing restrictions from Covid parents are not permitted to go into classrooms but also for safety reasons the school needs to know who is on school grounds throughout the day. If you need to drop off items to your child e.g. uniform or lunch, you are still required to sign in. We ask that all parents support this requirement.

Kind regards


Chicken update

Barbara and her chicks have settled beautifully into their new home! We love going to visit them every day, especially when we get to feed them some veggies and mealworms!

Lost Property

Some year 6 students went through the lost property and retuned all items that were clearly named back to the students. Unfortunately there were many items that were not named or had names of students who are no longer at the school. Please name (and re-name) all items- it saves us a lot of time and stress and you lots of money!!

Please take the time to search these photos for any lost items!

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School Term Dates 2021

Term 1 Monday 01/02/2021 - Thursday 01/04/2021

Term 2 Monday 19/04/2021 - Friday 02/07/2021

Term 3 Tuesday 20/07/2021 - Thursday 23/9/2021

Term 4 Monday 11/10/2021 - Friday 10/12/2021

Pupil Free Dates 2021

Friday 23/04/2021

Friday 04/06/2021

Monday 19/07/2021

Monday 16/08/2021

Monday 24/09/2021