Authorship Controversy


Who wrote Shakespeare's plays?

For a while now people have been creating theories that Shakespeare's plays were not authored by him. People say a man from Stratford wrote them. Also some people say it could have been The Earl of Oxford, Marlowe or Sir Francis Bacon. Theres no real way to tell.


Marlowe: He was a play writer and poet in the 16th century. It is said to be that he helped writer some of shakespeare's plays. Marlowe dies in 1593 at the age of 29 because he was stabbed to death.

Edward De Vere: He was a poet and he was a Oxfordian. People also believed that he wrote Shakespeare's work.

The Actor from Stratford: Just an actor not much information.


There is some evidence because Shakespeare didn't keep any writing or a library. People say the only writing from shakespeare that was saved was just signatures and that Shakespeare might have not even been educated. Also they say that De Vere wrote his work because he was a business man and had experience with law, that would make him able to use such advanced words. And some of his literature used the same phrases as some of shakespeare's work. Also Vere dies 9 years before shakespeare stopped writing plays.

My Opinion

I think that Shakespeare wrote his on plays because why would someone back then try to take credit for everything someone else did. If someone did write all of shakespeare's plays then they would have done something about it when he was still alive. Also he would have as many plays as he did if he wasn't good a writing.