New Brunswick


Canada's Chocolate town

St.Stephens is famous for it's chocolate festivals, along with a chocolate museum. festivals have been held there for 20 years in the month of august. Best of all, YOU can learn to hand dip chocolate! Last, but not least, chocolate taste testing contests!

RMR: Rick at Ganong
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Shepoard bay

New Brunswick waves are up to 17 meters long. In the summer, thousands of "peepers" eat mud shrimp at shepoard bay before flying non-stop to south America.


New Brunswickians are bilingual, speaking French and English as official languages.


At New Brunswick, there are famous reverse waterfalls that defy the laws of gravity. the first individual chocolate bar was sold at New Brunswick for 5 cents per bar. the longest bridge in the world record is held at Heartland, New Brunswick, over 39 meters long.
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Manufacturers supply paper, ply wood, and pulp products for the forest productions.
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The New Brunswick Song (We've Got Dulse)