Frequently Asked Interview Questions-and how to answer them

Interviewers Want Answers.

And you need to provide them.

To do your best in an interview, it's important to prepare. Here are a few quick tips about what the interviewer is looking for in response to three commonly asked interview questions.

"Do you have any questions for us?"

Many organizations are shying away from this question so that the interviewers do not inadvertently answer questions incorrectly or beyond their identified scope.

If you are invited to ask questions, this is your opportunity to:

  • Clarify any part of the job description you were unclear about
  • Learn more about a specific job task (such as, percent of time completing that function, expected number of contacts, total budget to complete task)
  • Identify the next steps in the process, or the hiring timeline

This is not your chance to:

  • Negotiate salary or benefits
  • Discuss other people who are applying
  • Ask any questions that would compromise the organization or interviewer

How Can We Help?

Make an appointment at the Career Services office to learn more about interviewing. We can review the job description you are applying for, discuss your resume, and practice interview questions with you. With preparation and practice, you can make your interview a #success!

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