CTA Cookout!

Who's Invited? All past and current CTA students!

Food, Drinks, Games, and Computers!

It's time for the 1st Annual CTA Cookout! All students from past years and currently are invited to join an all-night cookout/party.

McGreevy's House

Monday, Sep. 15th, 7pm

McGreevy Dr

Fairfield, OH

Bring your cameras, phones, RAM sticks, tablets, Ethernet cables, and enjoy!!


7:00pm - Welcome Speech by McGreevy

7:10pm - Build-a-Desktop competition (Winner receives two tickets to Paradise)

8:00pm - Food!! (Pizza, MTN Dew, Brownies)

8:30pm - The Feed Review/Marathon

9:25pm - "I can Photoshop..." competition

9:55pm - McGreevy assigns homework (What?!? Hint: classroom, computers, TCCC)


Preparation of The Feed (Episode #1)

Tweet pictures and thoughts!