Searching for a Roman Gladiator.

Strong, Tall & Brave

Job description

  • You will be fighting to the death in the famous colosseum arena
  • You will be required to sign a contract
  • You will march 20 miles per day
  • 8 men per a tent with a pack mule
  • You will be sleeping in a fort with two rooms 1 to sleep in and one for storing equipment

Requirements needed!

  • Tattoos will be applied as an identifying mark.
  • You might have to face death while your in the arena
  • You must have studied at a Gladiator collage/school
  • Protective armor must be worn

Armor you will need.

Working hours and Benefits

WORKING HOURS - Dusk till Dawn or 6.00am till 9.00pm

Don't forget after a long day of work we will provide food, Water and shelter

for you.