By Chris Van Meter

Space Exploration

Space started being explored in the early 1600's. More and more money was put into the space program, soon enough there were some major technological advances that took place. Some of the biggest technological advances were the Hubble telescope and the Space shuttle. There were also robotics such as Mars rovers/ Voyagers that would roam around space looking for new and unique things about space


The space program brought a lot of great things to communication in the world today. One of the major advances that came with it was the Satellite, thousands of satellites have been launched into orbit around the earth. Its has been a very big help to the world when it comes to communication. There are also Global positioning system (GPS) which are used a good amount in the world today. The GPS is used to keep track of anything that you put the GPS into, a lot of GPS's are you used in our cars today.

Race to the Moon

The Space Race started increases in spending on education and pure research, which led to be beneficial to technology in the world today. Unfortunately the Soviet Union beat us to the moon with Yuri Gagarin being the first human to step foot on the moon. The first American astronaut to step foot on the moon was Neil Armstrong. Even though the Soviet Union made it to the moon first, the U.S got way more out of the technology when it comes to space
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