Samantha Smith

The smartest of her time

Who is Samantha Smith?

Samantha Smith was an American school girl, as well as a peace activists. Born in Manchester, Maine, she found the a way the world could be happier, living the way you want, without having to shed blood for it.

She wrote a note to the leader of the Soviet Union and was later invited to take a tour around the great hall of the Soviet Union.

She took multiple tours around the world; giving many speeches of her ideals of peace and what she believed in.

Why I choose Samantha Smith.

With both share similar thoughts on the world, only I believe that war will always be a thing in our lives; and the lives of our children. There's just no avoiding it.

Interesting Facts

Did you know...

Did you know Samantha Smith has her own statue?


Samantha smith and the journey to the Soviet Union