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Pre-AP Delirium Project by: Jessica Herriage

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If love were a disease, would you wanna be cured?

This movie Delirium is based off of the book Delirium. This movie is full of exciting adventures and takes you on a magical love ride. Critics voted this an all time favorite movie to watch. With Lena's mom being dead, Lena hates the disease Deliria but when Alex comes along, will he change the way she thinks about love. While Lena is trying to decide how she feels, Hana is partying and having a good time. Will Lena fall in love?

I'd rather die my way than live yours. - Lauren Oliver, Delirium.

Evaluation gone wrong.

We have heard some rumors going around about how the cows got in the evaluation rooms. Some say it was an honest mistake but others say that it was the invalids messing with us. A girl, Sara smith, says she saw a man with the cows before the evaluations but didn't say anything to anyone until now. She says the man was acting strange. Are there Invalids working at the labs? We don't know who to trust anymore. Be careful.
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