How work has changed

Influx of workers from the EU

People say the EU are talking our jobs and houses, the RT says that "everything they can" to find a job, such as "what measures they have taken to establish themselves in the UK by looking at their housing and family situation, or by looking at what ties they still have abroad". some of the nurses in Romania has to work aboard.

The closure of businesses reducing the opportunity to work

Four prisons in England are closing because of the government and the prisons offences will lost they jobs. The BBC News says "But we have to make sure that we have modern, affordable prisons that give the best opportunity for us to work with offenders to stop them committing more crimes when they leave." they have open a new prison called super prison. Some complains have shut down like netto, Woolworth, habitat, Barrett, sugar beet, chocolate factory in York

Fewer jobs for life

You could of leaved school at 16 and get a job until you retired. you could have worked in the terry's chocolate factor, coil minds and now they are closed do so people have to move around to find jobs.

increasing use of technology in the workplace

Most of the jobs have computers so you need to learn how to work a computer and they are some jobs you don't need a computer e.g. cleaning

increasing in the older population not wanting to retire

Older people does not want to retire so young people cant get jobs they want.

Better/ high level qualifications needed by employers

People who have high qualification can get a better job and these who have no qualification will have to start for the bottom and make they way up.

increase in service industries

people don't have full time will go for part time jobs in caring. so people can work around college and child care

Effects of the recession on certain job sectors

lots of council jobs have been shut down. care home has been closed so where with the people go and some shops have closed so they can save money.

what type of companies are expanding and creating jobs locally and across the UK?

they are some companies that are expanding like John Lewis, new look and pramark they are new at Clifton moor and they will be coming soon

zone hours contracts- implication?

The hours at desited and you don't the chance to choose your hours that you do and you wont to figger out how much you get for the job that you are doing

you will have to ensure thir skills and knowledge is constantly updated - who will pay for this?

when you are 19 u will have to pay to go back to college and we dont have money to pay for any course.

you many not have a lifelong plan anymore - does that matter

it doesn't matter i you don't have a lifelong plan but it might help pay for your funeral and your flowers.

You might have to be more flexible - how would feel about zero hour contract/ split shifts?

You have to be flexible but if you have zero hours then you don't know what hours you are doing and if you do a split shift then you dont know where you are working and what you have to do with the job.

You might even have to consider moving away or even abroad- how do you feel about this?

well if you move away or go abroad they is no guarantee that we will get a job they or you could do some volitring work but that wont pay the bills or feed the family

You may have to consider doing an apprenticeship instead of further studying or university to save costs- does matter?

you can do a apprenticeship and study at college or university and you will still get paid and they will pay for college as well.