short term cash advance

This type of loan is meant to be a short-term solution.

Guaranteed Approval and Short Term Loans

Financial difficulties are quite common. Even those who have funds in the bank or another financial product may find they cannot obtain emergency cash for one reason or another. It may be their bank is closed for the day or their wallet has been stolen and they don't have proof of identity. In these situations, payday loans may be of help until they can access their personal cash. However, anyone needing a short term cash advance should steer clear of those companies offering guaranteed approval. Why should this be considered a warning sign that the company isn't being up-front and honest?

A Financial Analysis

Any reputable lender will want to know the borrower can pay the funds as agreed. For this reason, applicants must fill out paperwork and demonstrate they have a regular income and can make the required payments. In the event a lender states they will guarantee the funds without this step they are trying to draw individuals in. Once the individual fills out the application, they discover they must meet certain requirements. No lender can make a guarantee of this type, as it would be similar to a doctor claiming he or she can fix any ailment. This is simply not possible.

Why Is This Necessary?

An individual may not be able to see the big picture when he or she is experiencing a financial crisis. The focus is on resolving the existing crisis without looking to see how it will affect their overall financial situation. When a lender carries out this analysis, he or she is better able to determine if the borrower is taking on too much debt and won't be able to make the payments as agreed or will fall behind with other financial obligations when doing so. Lenders who provide the funds without taking this step often find their clients cannot fulfill all of their financial obligations and fall into a cycle of borrowing and repaying loans. These lenders give this financial product a bad name and should be avoided at all costs.

To learn more about why a borrower should never work with a company that claims every applicant will be approved, visit Cigno Loans. This company strives to be forthcoming at all times and never hides facts from borrowers. The goal is to ensure every borrower fully understands the agreement they are signing before the funds exchange hands. By taking this step, the lender can ensure the individual is borrowing responsibly and is therefore less likely to encounter new financial difficulties as a result of obtaining this loan. This should be the goal with every financial transaction carried out today.