How to do long division

Dividing with two digit divisors


1. Read the division problem

2. Estimate to the nearest ten for the second number and for the first find a multiple for the second number but close to the original number

3. Then divide the numbers

4. When you do your actual problem the answer for your estimate should close to your estimate

5. To do the actual problem make a division house, put the first number under the house and the second number on the left of the house

6. Next you have to find a multiple of the number on the left that fits into the the first number under the division house If it doesn't fit then use the next number with the first number.The first number is a ten the second number is a one. If it still does not fit make the first number in the hundreds place the second number in the tens and the third number in the ones

7.When you divide do multiplication backwards think what times the divisor (number outside division house) equals the closest number to the two or three numbers your dividing the answer goes on top of the house

8. Keep on dividing till you have no numbers left to divide

9. If you want a remainder leave it alone, if you don't want a remainder add a decimal point next to the last number under the house and add a decimal (a dot) next to the last number at the top

10. Then do step number 7 and put the number after the decimal

That is how you divide with two divisors!!!!