Special Update

19 March 2015

Updated Bell Schedule for NLHS

In order to make up calamity days, New Lexington City Schools has approved a plan to add 40 minutes to the regular school day beginning on Monday, March 23 and continuing through Thursday, June 4, which will be the last day of school for students.

Due to this change in the length of the school day, New Lexington High School is going to use a modified bell schedule for the remainder of the year, which will eliminate block schedules on Wednesdays and Thursdays. Instead, students will attend all seven periods each day of the week for the remainder of the school year.

Please click here to see the new bell schedule for NLHS for March 23-June 4, 2015.

At this time, graduation remains on Saturday, May 30. Updates to the final exam schedule for seniors as well as other grade levels will be released in the future.

For students enrolled in Chamber Singers during Period 0, an updated schedule will be released by the end of the day today.