Solar Energy

Impacts of Solar Energy

The Sun and solar energy

Solar energy,the energy generated by the sun. Specifically this form of energy travels in electromagnetic radiation that travels to the earth in waves of various lengths.It warms the earth and provides the green plants with energy they use to make food using a method called photosynthesis.Without the food for plants the plants would not live.Since all animals must feed on plants or on plant eating organisms.

How solar energy works

Solar power uses the suns radiation to generate electricity or heat buildings.The most common solar power systems use photovoltaic cells.Installed on the roof the house or building so they have direct exposure to the sun.Solar panels may be tough and expensive to install they create clean and renewable energy.

advantages of solar energy

To start with the advantages,Solar panels give off no pollution the only pollution given off is during the manufacturing and installment. The production of energy using fossil fuels can be noisy,yet solar energy produces electricity very quietly.Most systems don't require any maintenance during their lifespan meaning you don't have to put money in to it after installation.Most systems have a life span of 40-50 years.These are the main advantages of solar energy.

Disadvantages of solar energy

Well a big disadvantage is that allot of people dont allways like the look of solar panels on the roof top.When it is cloudy or night there is not enough sunlight to make electricity.It is relativity expensive to make solar power stations.Most kind of solar cells require significant amounts of land to reach the average solar efficiency.Pollution can be a disadvantage to solar panels as pollution can degrade the effiecency of solar cells.

solar energy has an enviromental impact

The enviromental impact of using solar energy is negative.Solar energy at the start is negative due to the the cost of production of the materials and equipment.Again after a few years that negative impact is balanced out with the positive features of generating your own electricity from the sun.

Solar energy has a economic impact

The major economies in the world are experiencing tremendous impact from solar energy.Solar energy ensures that even the most remotest areas can be powered by solar energy.There is definetly no way solar energy can be blocked not even politics can do that.So it is realistic to say in the next three decades it is easy to believe countries like:Canada,U.S,Japan,China ,Germany will be powered dominantly by solar energy!