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May 6, 2015



  • CSI - Building
  • Sapphire Team to Chinatown - 7AM to 6:00PM
  • 6th Grade Concert - 7PM

  • PTO Teacher Appreciation Breakfast
  • Garnet Team to Science Center - 8:45 to 1:15pm

BUILDING CSI AGENDA - Focus on Student Success and Staff Wellness

Please be there on time!

Location: The Commons
2:00-2:15 Announcements and Focus Setting

2:15-2:50 --Sharing Our Work in our CITs/Self-Directed Learning Groups--Please share
  • The goal(s)of your CIT work?
  • Something that excites you about your CIT work
  • One thing you think will advance student success as the result of your work?

2:55-3:05 --Professional Growth PSA --2015-2016 Book Circles

3:05-4:00 - head to the small cafeteria
Evaluating What We've Done and Planning for Next Year
  • Keep -Stop-Change
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Teacher/Staff Appreciation Week --NOTES to a COLLEAGUE

To celebrate the great work happening in our building, we are offering everyone the opportunity to share a note with a staff member. You'll find them in your box later today---"I want my colleague to know..."

UA Rotation 4 Grades

Due Thursday, May 14 @ 8:00AM

Check sheets due Monday, May 18 @ 12:00PM


Teachers - The PTO will be hosting a post-concert social featuring TCBY frozen yogurt in the LARGE CAFETERIA following the 7th (5-12) and 8th (5-18) grade concerts. If you would please make an announcement during the concert inviting families to join us we would appreciate it. There will be nut free & dairy free options available. Attached is a flyer with details. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Save the date and support KP & WHPS Students! May 30th


Performing at Blue Back Square

65 Memorial Rd West Hartford, CT 06107
Saturday, May 30th

7 PM


KP International Night - May 29

Attention Morning Advisory Teachers: Now that many of the students have received the permission slip for KP's International Night, you may start seeing them trickle in. Students were asked on the permission slip to turn them into their morning advisory teacher by Friday, May 22. If students turn them in to you, please turn them in to either Johannah Kosienki's or Marisa Tamayo's mailboxes. Or, you can turn them in to a folder on the counter in the main office labeled "International Night Permission Slips". Thanks and looking forward to seeing those slips come in!

KP QuEST Celebration

KP Staff: Please join us for the KP Quest Celebration on Wednesday, June 3rd from 6:00-7:30 as the West Hartford middle school Quest students share their in-depth Independent Type III Investigations. There will be exhibits, original readings, animations, documentaries, performances, and more!

We hope you can make it!

Laura & Jeannie

CCCSU Survey

Dear Participant,

My name is Elizabeth Chojnicki and I am a graduate student at Central Connecticut State University. Currently, I’m working on a research project focusing on teachers’ beliefs and thoughts about integrating arts into the curriculum. Because you are a teacher, I am inviting you to participate in my study by completing the attached survey. It should only take you between 5 and 10 minutes to complete.

You do not need to include your name, and the survey software function that allows us to prevent tracking participant IP addresses has been activated so you cannot be identified individually in any way as a result of your participation in this research. A copy of my project report will be submitted to my professor at Central Connecticut State University. If you decided to participate, please answer all the questions as thoroughly and honestly as possible. Please complete by May 15th.

I appreciate your help with my research project. The information that you give will provide me with important data regarding what teachers perceptions are regarding integrating arts into the curriculum, and implications on student learning.

If you have questions about your rights as a research participant of if you have a research related complaint please contact Dr. Jennifer Hedlund, Chair, CCSU Human Studies Council at (860) 832-2968, e-mail Or you may contact the HSC Administrator, CCSU Human Studies Council at (860) 832-2366, email

This information has been provided so you know what to expect if you participate in this study. Your consent will be implied by your completion and submission of this survey.

Please click on the link below to start the survey.

Thank you again for your support!


Elizabeth Chojnicki

6th Year Student

Department of Literacy, Elementary, and Early Childhood Education

School of Education and Professional Studies

Central Connecticut State University