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Gold is called a ‘noble metal’ as it does not react with any other element, can be easily hammered into any shape or drawn as wires because it naturally has a property of being soft and never does it lose its glitter or value. Most popular in India is still the 22 karat gold jewelry as it serves purpose of investment as well as adornment.

Jewelry is never made in 24 karats gold as it wears off due to usage. 22 karat gold jewelry contains 91.5% gold with 8.4% other metals like copper, silver or nickel to harden it. All our gold jewelry is evaluated as per international standards and carries the hallmark symbol of purity.

www.premjivalji.com offers beautiful and intricate designs for all the 22 karat gold jewelry to suit every occasion and purpose like an engagement ring of a bridal collection that suits your budget as well.

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