Should There Be Year Round School?

We think there should be year round school!

Kids are forgetting things in summer

"Every week that students are not in school, they are forgetting some of the facts, strategies, and skills they learned." When students get back, teachers have to reteach every thing.

The US has one of the lest amount of school days

The US has 180 school days. Japan has 243 school days. So they have 63 more days in school. So they are more likely to get a good job.

The US is ranked very low

In 2000 in reading we are 15th. In 2003 in math we are 24th. In 2006 in science we are 21. Finland is 1 for all 3, and they only have 10 more days then us. So all we really have to do is add 10 or more.

Kids behave better in school

Kids behave better when they have structure. When they are in school they have to follow their class routine. So in summer they lose their structure, and kid will not behave as well.

Now tell us what you think

Please, on a piece of paper can you please tell us if you want year round school or not. When you have decided, tell us why.